What to do When Your Ex Makes Up Rumors about you


Question: What do you do if your ex starts making rumors about you after you breakup?


Dear Reader,

Getting out of any relationship can be difficult for both sides. Everyone has different ways of moving on. When friends ask “Why did you two break up?” there will always be two sides to the story. Some may say false things about you after you part ways. However, before you retaliate think about these rumors as your ex’s way of venting and moving on. When you’re talking to your friends about the situation you shouldn’t think of it as you ex trying to talk bad about you. When you hear a “rumor” it’s really just their truth taken the wrong way.


Dear Reader,

Although getting out of a relationship can be difficult, but there is no reason for your ex to make up rumors about you. Making up rumors is not okay, no matter how bad the break up may have been. If you heard that someone was talking about you, the best thing to do is ask them directly. DO NOT continue to talk about the rumor with your friends, that will make the situation worse. It’s  already stressful to get out of a relationship and have to deal with the drama that comes with too. Just be mature about the situation and talk everything out so you can get closure.