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The Wingspan is the student newspaper of Norristown Area High School operating on the students in the School Publication classes as well as those volunteer students in “The Wingspan Club.”
Advisor: Mr. Jonathan Eisen
E-mail address for The Wingspan: [email protected]

The Mission Statement of The Wingspan of Norristown Area High School:

The student staff of The Wingspan of Norristown Area High School has adopted as its mission:
1. To publish news, information and opinion articles for an about student, faculty and administration activities, interests and policies.
2. To maintain high ethical standards with regard to fairness, personal and legal rights, responsibilities and accuracy.
3. To provide a forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion and present well-balanced,m locally researched coverage or issues of broader student interest.
4. To strive for a high level of competency in the technical aspects of writing, including grammar, spelling, clarity and precision.
5. To welcome diversity and increase the scope and depth of our coverage in order to heighten mutual understanding and awareness throughout our entire school community.
(Osborn, 1998)

Advertisement Policy:
The Wingspan staff reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement submission.

The Wingspan

    Policy on Editorials:

Published five times per year (dependent on funding), the student newspaper of Norristown Area High School is a public forum, with its student editorial board making all decisions concerning its contents.

Unsigned editorials express the views of the majority of the editorial board.

Letters to the editor are welcomed and will be published as space allows. Letters must be signed, although the staff may withhold the name on request. The paper reserves the right to edit letters for grammar and clarity, and all letter are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy, and disruption of the school process, as are all contents of the paper.

Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of the staff, nor should any opinion expressed in a public forum be construed as the opinion of policy of the administration, unless so attributed.
(Osborn, 1998)

Advertising Contributions:

The Wingspan is sustained by advertising sponsors and nominal profit from purchase of hard copy of the paper.  The Wingspan is most appreciative of all sponsorship.  Each sponsor will receive a free hard copy of any edition to which they contribute and a mention on our blogroll during the months of sponsored edition.

If you (individual person, business, local club or organization) would like to sponsor The Wingspan through an ad contribution, please contact us at

The Wingspan of Norristown Area High School reserves the right to accept or deny the submission of any advertisement including offensive or questionable content.

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