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What’s In and Out in 2024

Part 1
Abigail Carsner

Together, the Winspan staff and editors wanted to let everyone know what is in and out in 2024. It’s a new year, new semester, new you. Even if you are a fan of these trends or absolutely hate them, the Wingspan has got you covered. Read what the staff claims as in and out. These are just opinions, don’t get heated in the comments because that is out this year. 

In: Older People Supporting Younger People

–Katelyn Morello

I’m not saying that this started in 2023. However, in 2023, a trend on TikTok began, where the phrase, or some variation of, “because life didn’t end when I was 17” was used constantly. People would say, for example, “Here is me graduating Med school because the world didn’t end when I was 17”. 

This trend is inspiring to the younger generation, who may be feeling the same emotions these people on TikTok have been sharing. It is important to know that however many challenges you face, the world will not end because of them. In 2024, I believe we should spread more of this message.

In: Tote Bags 

–Abylene Trujillo Zequedia 

Tote bags are very pretty and convenient. The design varies from the complex textures, stitches, or embroidery. Space in the bags provides enough storage for laptops, iPads, knickknacks, books, makeup, and clothing. It’s resourceful enough to be a book bag or backpack. 

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In: Accountability 

–Alison Calderon 

Taking accountability for your actions is a big part of life and should be very important not only for this year but for as long as you’re alive. Many problems can come from not taking responsibility or from trying to avoid the consequences of your actions. If people could start being accountable, we could be living an honest life. This can also save us time from making up lies or putting the blame on other people. People of all ages should understand that if you are going to do something that is either wrong or right you should be able to accept whatever the outcome could be. If you aren’t going to be happy with the results then you should’ve probably thought about it once or twice before doing it. 

In: Having Morals 

–Alison Calderon

Morals are key principles that everyone should have. They develop who you are as a person and can improve decision-making. Knowing what your morals are is very beneficial and can provide insight into what you value most. I like to believe that having morals is what makes us human, as it makes society function as a whole. Morals let you have self-control and self-respect. Learning where you stand is significant. 

Out: Weird “TikTok Rizz”

–Ana Maldonado

This weird thing has been happening all over TikTok and I genuinely feel bad for these women who are out on social media, clearly uncomfortable and not wanting to be there. This has to stop. These men think they are being cute and funny using “rizz,” but in reality, they are being creepy and harassing these poor women for a couple of likes on social media and for entertainment. Half of the time, they ask weird questions about their body, and they don’t even ask them if they are okay with being on camera.

Out: The Term “Gyat” 

–Kerrah Dunkley

Please, let’s leave this in 2023. It’s just a trendy way to catcall women without any repercussions because everyone else is saying it. Saying “Gyat” to a woman who is simply walking is scary, especially around a group of men. It’s not okay and should have never been okay in the first place. I’m not sure why people thought it was okay in the first place to comment “gyat” on women’s and young girls’ posts thinking that they would like or appreciate that. Now, while some do find that word funny, others might not want their body to be commented on. So the next time you want to say something about someone else’s body, please think about how that person might feel and if they’d take it a while.  

Out: Snapchat

–Abigail Carsner

Snapchat is draining. This isn’t just me, but a lot of people. It takes me hours, sometimes days to answer someone on Snapchat just because it emotionally drains me. The stupid Bitmojis, the fact you can’t look back at old chats, the stories, and ESPECIALLY those stupid Bitmojis. They were cute before Snapchat decided to change them to the horrifying 3d monsters. Many people on the internet are scared of these Bitmojis and even find them scary, which I agree with. If Snapchat keeps going down this path of degeneracy, then it will definitely be out by the month.

Out: Superhero Movies 

–Brandon Purdy

Now, this is not slamming all superhero movies to be made over the past couple of years, because there’s been some bangers. “Batman,” “Across the Spiderverse,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 3,” shouldn’t be considered because these are movies in which you could tell dedication and time were important. And those are the keywords here: dedication and time. Lots of superhero movies now seem to just be pumped out to generate as much cash as possible, as superhero movies usually have dominated the box office. Now, because movies such as “Shazam,” “Aquaman,” and “Ant-Man,” have come out, fans have lost interest because they can tell of such lackluster dedication. It’s time to pump the breaks, write some good movies, pay your Vfx artists, and give us some good content again. 

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About the Contributor
Abigail Carsner
Abigail Carsner, Graphics Editor
Abigail has always had a talent for writing. From a young age, Abigail could write like there was no tomorrow. She loves it. This is her second year on the Wingspan. She is a fan of film, art, literature, and music. She enjoys writing music-related articles, either it being about a certain genre or music news. Abigail also likes to write creative works, play guitar, and draw. When she is older, Abigail either wants to be a musician or a writer.

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