How to be Lonely on Valentine’s Day


Yalianne Rosa Ramos

If you don’t have that special someone on Valentine’s Day, make your own love.

Yalianne Rosa Ramos, Staff Reporter

Most of us love the idea of Valentine’s Day. We buy things from promise rings to chocolates, satisfying the tradition of love shown by items. While others bitterly avoid the lovey-dovey concept, some of us are rivals of the little angel with the heart bow. Then some fall for cupids misfit tricks, getting people to fall in love. It’s crazy to know that Valentine’s Day is a celebration that started in the year 496 C.E., as the Roman holiday Lupercalia. This celebration went on for years and now most celebrate it with their loved ones. 

It isn’t rare to be alone on Valentine’s Day. I personally never actually thought of it as such a big holiday until I realized you get free stuff. Free chocolate? I mean come on, who would miss out on that? Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is about love and the appreciation of the people around you. But let’s be honest . . . the best part is free chocolate.

Valentine’s Day isn’t always happy thoughts to some folks. If you are not in a relationship, you can get caught up in the chocolate everyone else is getting and notice you don’t have any yourself. You notice so many others going out and having fun while you are home with your tv and cat. How many times have we watched ‘The Notebook’ or ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ on Valentine’s day? We just love to sit on our bottoms, procrastinating on due work while watching movies and overeating our emotions. 

What is it with the idea of Valentine’s Day that makes us want to just order a pizza and let go?  Consider this: that is probably most of our daily lives 24/7. We don’t have to feel guilty doing what we always do just because its Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are other things you can understand and do to be happily lonely on Valentine’s Day.

The popular belief is that Valentine’s Day is only for couples; however, the holiday represents love. This doesn’t have to be only the love expressed by your significant other but the love you have for family or friends. You can also spend the day with your pets since all they ever do is give love. Unless you have cats…those little devils. Spend it with your dog or your fish, Bob III. It would surely be an awww-some celebration. They can’t have any of the chocolate you will be buying yourself, but they sure can enjoy the sleep you will be getting. 

Your grateful pets aren’t the only ones ready to watch ‘Titanic’ with you. Family and friends are there for a reason. Their purpose on this day is to be with you through your increasing stages of laziness. They are there to love you, but they can also be used to buy you some chocolates and candy hearts to enjoy. Now you are already getting the best part of the holiday anyway. You could make them a homemade card to lessen the fact that they would be expecting something back. 

For the ones who love to go out, try going to the movies with your family. Try inviting your fellow loner friends. Sometimes sharing dollar store heart chocolates with others isn’t such a bad idea. Have those satisfying conversations about the fact that you are inside in the warmth while those hallway couples are out in the 30 degrees weather. You could plan a day with your buddies enjoying board games and listening to obnoxiously loud music. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?  

Let us rest our minds and realize that we are alone every other day before Valentine’s day. Why should we be feeling any different on this day? We should honestly be feeling better, and any excuse to eat a bunch of chocolate should make us feel great. I could add another stuffed animal to my collection. Who cares if I bought it myself? My stuffed Snoopy doesn’t know that. Let’s say goodbye to the loneliness and  hello to the happiness and laziness, while all those miserable couples are spending hours putting on makeup for a cold night out. That is truly how to be alone and happy on Valentine’s Day.