Technology Vs. Family

Luis Parker, Staff Reporter

Technology is the best form of entertainment in this generation. It doesn’t stop improving either. With video games, social media, the web and much more, technology is a part of our everyday lives. Even with all the fun we’re having with our phones and video games, does it diminish quality time with our families.
Most parents struggle to keep up with technology, due to how complex it is to use. Veteran users on the other hand have mastered technology and know how most electronics work. seventy-five percent of teens have cell phones which is a lot. Many parents feel that teens should use technology for a certain amount of time while other parents don’t care about a time limit. Parents think their child will use that time off of technology to be productive or maybe spend time with family.
In the 1980s, there were home consoles, but going to the arcade with your friends was the best thing to do. Now, you can buy a game console, buy video games, buy a mobile device, and play at home for as long as you like; with or without family. That’s quite an improvement but there’s a couple of problems. Users exposed to technology earlier on with the time they spend playing video games, become addicted, and won’t want to be around family often. Not a lot of people realize how long they play video games, but people in the same household do.
Even though technology can pull people away from families, it can actually bond families too. Parents play video games with their children and add them on social media. Some families even spend time together using technology! It all depends on how you unfold technology on your family to decide whether or or not to do things with technology. Developing rules that everyone is okay with is a good way to use technology throughout the family.
Technology doesn’t stop growing, it gets better and better throughout time. Technology can either separate, or bond families. Families have to find a way to use it together comfortably. They will have to form some sort of balance.