The Wingspan’s Guide to the Class of 2020 Graduation

Duyen To, Associate Editor

As the school year comes to an end, there is one last special event that commences all the hard work and achievements the Class of 2020 seniors have put into their entire high school career: senior graduation! Although there are strict rules to stay distant to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, this pandemic will not stop Norristown Area High School from celebrating our seniors, although it will have to be a little more virtual than normal. 

Virtual Graduation- June 11th

Class of 2020’s graduation will be aired for all to see on platforms such as Comcast channel 28, Verizon channel 45, and most importantly, on the NASDtv’s YouTube channel on June 11 at 1 pm. The ceremony is expected to run for a little more than one hour.

Every high school student wishes to one day hear their name called while walking up to accept their diploma. Graduation is a large milestone for every high school student, as it allows for each and every one to feel accomplished- that the struggles and hardships were worth it in the end. While the traditional walk across the stage sadly won’t happen this year during the official ceremony (although it will still happen), every graduating senior will have their own senior portrait displayed while their names will be called out loud by English teachers David Fazzini and Linsday Martin, just as they would in the auditorium. Once every name is called out, seniors will officially become graduates. 

Although the ceremony is now on an online platform, it will proceed the same way as past graduations. “Although it’s going to be pre-recorded, it’s a great opportunity for our students and families to congregate together and celebrate together,” said Superintendent Christopher Dormer in an interview he gave to NASDTV. 

Drive Through Graduation June 15-19

To make up for losing the traditional walk across stage in the main ceremony, there will be a drive-through graduation that will take place during June 15-19. Caps and gowns will be provided before the drive-through graduation when seniors return their textbooks and Chromebooks, so make sure to hurry and get those caps and gowns before June 10th. 

Every graduate will arrive by car to ensure social distancing. It is important to note that there should be one car per graduate along with 4 guests. Graduates will walk across a stage in the forum and be able to get special pictures taken of themselves and their families by a professional photographer. To ensure distancing guidelines and keep the event moving, no one is allowed to take their own pictures. 

There are still some questions as to how the acceptance of the diplomas will be handled. Principal Roth maintains that faculty will not be handing out diplomas, but the seniors will get a special opportunity to receive their diplomas from family members instead. Please note that these will actually just be diploma cases, as they are on stage during the traditional ceremony. The professional photographer will then snap pictures of both the graduate with their diploma case and the graduate with their family.  

After pictures are taken, graduates and their families will be directed to a designated area in the parking lot to purchase photos and receive their actual, personalized diplomas. When you look back to your high school years, you can tell your future children you were able to survive the hardest years of teenager-hood! Every moment will be recorded, so be on the lookout for a special video that the school will release over the summer.


To keep everything in order, seniors have been sent an email about their specific date and time for the drive-through graduation. Formal invitations will be sent out this week. Principal Roth asks everyone to “try to come exactly at that time. If you’re too early, you’re going to be at other people’s times.” Time setups will most likely be alphabetical order. Roth emphasized that time is going to be limited, so make sure to be on time and pumped for the most important event of your high school career!

Get Pumped!

Even though this year’s graduation will not be as extravagant as other graduations. Principal Roth encourages everyone to “look like you’re going to a party.”  Everyone can decorate their cars with balloons and such to emanate school spirit. Dormer acknowledges that we are in a time of separation due to COVID-19, but virtual graduation and the drive-through ceremony are great alternatives to appreciate the growth and achievements of our Norristown Seniors. 

The pandemic may have shut down in-person classes, but it won’t shut down our seniors’ pride. Your high school journey has now come to a marvelous end, but do not forget that once one chapter is accomplished, another will start. Congratulations Class of 2020, may your future be bright!

For more information, please watch the Graduation Information for the NAHS Class of 2020 on NASDtv below and follow Principal Roth and Superintendent Dormer on twitter for updates.