’23 Junior Prom Grew a ‘Garden’ of Fun and Romance

A'mya James and Mykayla Ellis

The year of 2023’s Junior prom was an experience to remember. Its theme was “secret garden,” and the decorations portrayed just that. Beautiful golden butterflies lay across the walls and tables along with vines and string lights that lit up the room. The event started at 7 last Friday, and right around that time, beautiful dresses and tuxedos flooded the room. From pink and white to green and gold, it was bound to be a beautiful night.

“I’m looking forward to the atmosphere,” said junior Katie Le.

Jeremiah McCray, Rahiyely Garcia Torres, president and vice president of the junior class respectively, along with class sponsors Melisa Morgan and Desiree Borusiewicz, and the prom committee worked hard for months to make the whole event happen. 

“If people didn’t go to prom I wanted it to be like, ‘Dang, everyone said prom was cool but I missed it.” Jeremiah went on to say that the event went well saying, “It was a success in my eyes.”

Students were able to let loose at this prom, which is now another year removed from the COVID shutdown of 2020. McCray thinks this was a big part of what made the night so fun.

“When you go to parties it’s easy to feel insecure,” he said. “If I can get some of the people I know to start dancing with me, I might look like a clown. But if we all do it, there’s no clowns.”

The Junior Prom wouldn’t be possible without fundraising though. McCray shed some light on the process of obtaining money for the prom. The committee ran fundraisers like snack sales at basketball games and conducted the “Saving for Shaving,” which resulted in junior class officer Brandon Zuniga shaving his head. Junior prom ticket sales and continued fundraising will be essential to make senior prom an even better event.

“We can all do something and chip in a little bit. If we start now, at senior prom we won’t be paying 70, 80 dollars,” said McCray.

The night was full of dancing friends, with lights shining everywhere. But sadly, after laughing, smiling, and dancing the night away, it was 10 o’clock and the junior prom came to an end, which for many, will represent an end to the year as a whole.

“I don’t really want it to end, said junior Nathaniel Den. “But honestly, it’s nice to see it end because I’ve got to get really for college and plan for the future.”

The future is approaching slowly for all juniors, but until then, they will have the memory of their secret garden of last Friday night.