Juniors Enjoy Enchanted Evening at First NAHS Prom since Pandemic Began

Hope Rose Mauch, Editor In Chief

Walking into Norristown High last Friday evening was like a scene from a fairytale. Vines and fairy lights lit the walkway to the cafeteria. Attendees were greeted with an arch of flowers and vines, and fairy lights and vines were set upon the tables, all under dim lighting to set the mood of an enchanted forest, the theme of this year’s Junior Prom.
“I think the kids did an amazing job planning their prom,” said Heather Lavetsky, the Class of 2023 sponsor. “This is their night, after all. I am proud of their hard work and dedication.”

Lavetsky has been serving as the class sponsor along with co-sponsor Kristen Carmona since the students were freshmen, the year that was cut short by COVID-19. The Junior Prom was the first major class event and real prom since the lockdown. All of the students, the parents, and teachers who stayed to help wanted this night to be a memorable one. The Junior class was given leeway on the way they wanted their prom to be. The students did most of the planning and the results showed how excited they were to finally have prom back.
“It is nice to be with people and not worry about this past year,” said junior Alycia Burkey. “It’s nice to feel free like this since I haven’t felt this feeling in a while.”
The cafeteria was quiet until the sea of magnificently dressed partygoers walked in. It wasn’t even 6:30, and the room was packed. Many dresses and suits went with the theme to make the night even more magical. The energy was ecstatic and it was clear to see everyone having a good time without having to worry about anything besides what song will play next.
“Seeing everyone having a good time has made this night even better,” said one junior.
There was eating and dancing for most of the night, but the biggest hit was the photo booth. The line to get a picture was wrapped around the cafeteria. People wanted to keep this moment in their lives forever, not just on their phones, where they will never see it again, but in an actual photo that will last a lifetime.
The night was filled with dancing by everyone. The majority of the dance floor was filled with separate dance circles that towards the end of the night evolved into everyone dancing together and not having a care in the world. Eventually, with the bigger group dancing, a dance battle broke out and it caused severe dance moves to be brought out.
“I love seeing everyone acting themselves and just having fun,” said sophomore Ambar Torres, who attended the prom as a date.
As the night wrapped up, it was clear to see that no one wanted the night to end. While everyone left, most of the juniors wanted the fun to keep going and all went out to eat together. The 2022 Junior Prom is one that will go down in history.