The Great Cell Phone Debate

The Great Cell Phone Debate

Nahje McClure, Staff Reporter

For years students, teachers, and parents have been going back and forth about cell phone usage in school. I honestly think that there is no problem with using cell phones in school.

Cell phones are the hottest thing out and can really come in handy. They help you stay on task, be organized, and assist you with any questions that you have. Kids nowadays are always on their phones, whether they are using Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. Students always forget what they have to do for homework because they are always in a rush or can’t remember where they wrote it down, so their grade starts to drop. But I’d bet that 99% of the students will remember their homework, if they were to write it down on the one thing that they look at all day every day, their cell phone.

It’s the 21st Century, technology is universal. People use technology everywhere and every day. Cell phones at times can be a distraction, not just to the students but the teachers as well. Many teachers don’ follow the rule of no cell phones because they think that the rule doesn’t apply to them. Teachers text during class and even call or receive calls. I honestly think it’s unfair. If teachers during lunch can check social media then students should be allowed to. You don’t see security guards going around yelling at them to give them their phones. If there is going to be a “No cell phone” rule then everyone should follow it. Otherwise, we should be allowed to use our phones in class. Students get suspended because they don’t want to give up their cell phones! It’s crazy. You’d be surprised by how many people get suspended just because of their phones. They are making students miss a day of learning.

Today they even have learning apps for students that can be really helpful for school. But what’s the point of having it if we can’t use them? The school administrators need to change the rule about no cell phones. Coming from a student’s point of view, my cell phone really helps me, from waking me up this morning, to listening to music on the bus to get me prepared and ready for school. It tells me about the weather and helps me with my homework. Also, if you play any sports or do after school activities it would remind you of when you have a game, meetings, rehearsal, and more.

Music is told to help energize people, memorize things faster, calm people down, and even stay focus. When I listen to, music while doing homework or work in school I notice I tend to stay focus and get better grades on my test when I listen to music, also before a field hockey game or basketball any sport. It helps me get pumped and ready and I tend to play better. If students would be able to listen to music before or during a test it would help them stay calm and think.

Teachers think that all students want to do on their phones is take pictures, text, listen to music, and that’s it. But we use cell phones for so much more than that. It provides us with the definition of words, a calculator, books, notes, etc. There’s a lot of things we can do with our phones, if only teachers would give students a chance.

Cell phones can really help students improve in school. The situation going on between students, teachers, and parents about cellphone usage during school needs to end. Who knows….maybe things will change soon. We’ll see!