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Brandon Zuniga

Maci Jordan

You may recognize Brandon Zuniga as one of Norristown Area High School’s most popular media personalities. He’s a broadcaster on Eagles News, a star theatrical performer, and a writer and actor on NASDTV comedic skits.

 When Zuniga was introduced to Mr. Norristown by a since-graduated senior in his sophomore year, he became intrigued and decided to go after the crown. As much as he’d like to win, however, he isn’t all that confident after watching the other performances practice.

 “Everyone here is just so talented and these people are so great and passionate about what they do,” said Zuniga. “This year, compared to others, I don’t think I have a shot. But it’s ok–it’s just so fun. Even if I get last place, I wouldn’t really care because any of these people would deserve it.” 

With Zungia’s positive view of the other contestants, it’s not a surprise that people in his life, especially his friends and girlfriend Haylie Jost, describe him as a loving, patient, and caring person. 

“I think it’s important to have empathy with people,” Zuniga said. “People don’t realize a lot today that your situation is different from mine. You have to hear people out even if you don’t agree.” 

Zuniga knows that being patient and having empathy will always be something he needs to work on, as he believes this mindset will make him a better teacher in the future.

He wanted to pursue teaching because, as a student, he could see how hard teachers work and how much effort they put into teaching, but they don’t seem to get the appreciation they deserve. He wants to join the cause and become a positive representation of teachers everywhere.

Though, Zuniga heard a specific calling to the musical realm of teaching. “I wanted to create a safe space for music,” he said. 

Zuniga uses his passion for music to better understand the people around him. He is full of love for his girlfriend and other friends as well. He has empathy for those around him and thinks everyone should have an aspect of their life that truly gives them joy. Zuniga has a point of making sure friends and family are seen as important in his life. Jost was the main person who influenced this philosophy. 

 Jost and choir teacher Lynne Danoff were two of his biggest forces in pushing Zuniga to get back into both music and musical theater after he had fallen out of the programs when he was younger. 

“Mrs. Danoff heard me singing and told me to join the choir,” said Zuniga. “I didn’t want to do it for personal reasons and focused on academics, but then I did and I’m really glad I did. Without Mrs. Danoff, I wouldn’t have wanted to go into art education.”

Although not confident in winning this year’s Mr. Norristown, Zuniga is looking forward to simply having fun, making a good memory, and getting a good laugh out of it. 

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