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Christinna Longenecker, Staff Reporter

Hello! I’m Christinna Longenecker, a first year Wingspan writer. I’m pretty much one of those faces that you pass in the hall but can’t put a name to. There’s a lot of release that comes from writing, and I think that’s what makes me enjoy it so much. I watch a lot of online videos and am heavily into planning and keeping things on schedule. Being organized is a big must-have for me, especially when school comes around. Speaking of school, most of my free time is dedicated to homework and extracurricular activities- otherwise I'm at work sweating like a sinner in a church. Interested in old things? Cameras? Music boxes? Antiques in general? Me too :) Name a children’s movie I haven’t watched- you can’t! Not boring enough for you? Read my articles then!

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Christinna Longenecker