Freshmen Answer Universe’s Burning Questions in New Podcast Club

Floridei Jovel, Staff Writer

Every single podcast lover hates it when a podcast series ends. The content, the flow of it, how much you understand the hidden comedy of that podcast is enough to tie you in and just keep listening. Every podcast has a story behind it,  no matter how random or how funny. These podcasts also provide comfort no matter where you are, whether it’s in your room or even in the car driving with a cup of your preferred drink. 

Feeling relaxed is key, especially when it comes to listening to a podcast. Podcast elements can array from asking questions to cold cases being solved. However, what if there was a podcast from our very own school?  A podcast with stories that could light up the room,  and not have everything so gloomy. 

Freshman Taylor Dantonio thought nothing would come out of him just saying to his friends; Cameron Thorton, Josie Day, Chase Eicholtz, and Angelia Martinez. Little did they know that popping the question, “, why don’t we start some sort of podcast?” would mark the beginning of the first podcast in NAHS created by a group of freshmen. However, they aren’t just committing to making just a normal podcast, this podcast, now, with four episodes, serves as entertainment to bring joy in these difficult times. 

The first episode of Podcast Club where they answer the burning question, “Best Potato Chip?” (Podcast Club)

It all started when Taylor Dantonio and Jack Rosen logged in at 6:00 am before Mrs. Carmona’s World Cultures Class. Then Cameron Thorton, Josie Day, Chase Eicholtz, and Angelia Martinez joined. Every class period started with a bit of joking or even having discussions like “ What is the best potato chip?” Having discussions like these will pull the students in to participate and even send in questions themselves. 

How exactly did this podcast come to be? What was the purpose behind it? “We wanted to start something during this time, nothing heavy,” said Rosen. “ We wanted to do some light comedy to brighten the mood of 2020.” How to access this podcast? Through Youtube of course! “I want to keep people happy,” said Dantonio. “ Because this year has been trash.” “We hope to get more opinions from other people,” said Day. “And to even have a broader opinion from others!” 

These episodes are posted once every other week. “It‘s got humor, it’s light-hearted, it’s got some fluff,”  Rosen said enthusiastically. However, there are certain things that are off-limits in this podcast. “Politics!” said Jack immediately. “Religion, economics, alcohol, chicken broth.” Thorton then added, “ Nothing to trigger a fight.”

Now, remember how I mentioned ‘What is the best potato chip?’ well Thorton will just say this: “check out our second video to find out!”

Who wouldn’t want to have a smile on their face when they listen to something that has some humor? Or even some discussions on questions like “What is the best color?” Is it blue? Is it grey? What could the ‘Best’ color be?

“We are already doing it,” said Thorton, referring to their podcast. “ So why not spread it to others to brighten up their day?” Spreading humor and positivity is what we definitely need during these tough times and who wouldn’t want to have a dose of it?

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Kristen Carmona/NAHS Podcast Club