Netflix’s ‘Ginny and Georgia’ Shines Light on Real Life Drama

TV Review

Netflixs Ginny and Georgia Shines Light on Real Life Drama

Dashawna Brown, Staff Writer

A new teen drama has arisen from Netflix that may bring a piece of yourself out into the light. “ Ginny and Georgia” which came out on February 24, 2021, is a comedy-drama with a mix of suspense. The best parts of the show are reflections of teen emotions and experiences.

The show follows teenager Ginny Miller, played by Antonia Gentry, and a little boy Austin played by Diesel La Torraca. They are the children of their single widowed mom, Georgia Miller, played by Brianne Howey. They have been moving around a lot throughout Ginny’s life. However, while living in their new home in Wellsbury, Massachusetts, the family discovers ground-breaking secrets that will dramatically change their lives.

Ginny is the main character of the show. She struggles with typical teenage problems such as identity, school, friends, and fitting in. When I saw that Ginny was a mixed teenager with a white parent, I thought that this was a positive move for teens who are also struggling with identity.

Georgia, the mom, is another main character. She has made some controversial decisions to protect her family in her past that have been catching up with her throughout the course of the show. However, Georgia goes out of her way to keep her secrets hidden from Ginny and Austin, as she is determined to protect her family from the results of her past actions. 

One thing that has stuck out for me throughout this tv show is how well they introduced real-life troubles to light. It surprised me to see how many of the characters demonstrated the true feelings of being a teenager trying to find who they are and who they want to be. In the first and second episodes of the series, Ginny was introduced to her class but her teacher seemed to want to downgrade her by saying how the class may be a bit difficult for her as a black teenager. I felt like this was so real to me because there are some teachers that are so quick to put a kid in special circumstances just because of the color of their skin. 

A theme I noticed while watching the show. The love that Georgia showed throughout the show was incredible, however, at some points, I began to wonder whether or not the choices Georgia was making truly reflected motherly love or was more personal gain. As the episodes started to reveal more and more of Georgia’s past and secrets, viewers can begin to understand her true motives for wanting more power and money rather than finding love.

Truth and trust are definitely the main focuses of the plot. The characters didn’t seem to want to trust anyone, even their own family members. Trust and truth are two things that the characters of the show were definitely struggling with but also growing to learn about.

The characters start to interact with each other around the 4th and 5th episodes of the series. This influences the plot by developing the backstories of the characters. This was definitely shown well in the show because the camera angles and the music really demonstrated the characters’ emotions, which made me feel like I was on a cliff ready to jump into a new version of life.

This show was awesome. but I only recommend it to people who are mature enough for some of the scenes. There may be inappropriate language and scenes in the show that may be too revealing.

However, the show is overall great in my eyes. I don’t see that it needs any more improvements. I’m excited for what’s to come for Ginny and Georgia in season two. If you are one for drama and suspense, I highly recommend this show.