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Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion Diss Tracks are Just Plain Bad and Lazy

Abigail Carsner

Nicki Minaj and Megan thee Stallion are the most popular female rappers today. People of all ages listen to their music because of how their lyrical abilities and the flow of their beats. However, people’s opinions have changed because of their newest releases, which are respectively based on their newfound beef with each other. 

Before the beef started, Nicki Minaj and Megan thee Stallion were inseparable. They were so close that they even collaborated on a single together in 2019 called “Hot Girl Summer.” To be honest, no one really knows what started the feud between these two amazing artists. It’s like they were just on Instagram Live with each other making beats and random music. Now, they are beefing. Everyone wants an answer about what happened. Why are they coming at each other’s necks like this?

There are theories about what soured between these two amazing artists. A lot of people suspected that Nicki took issue with Megan collaborating with Cardi B on the 2020 hit “WAP” and their most recent hit in 2023, “Bongos,” but that’s not true. Yes, Cardi and Nicki had a physical altercation in New York which led to Cardi getting hurt, but in 2020, Megan claimed in an interview that she and Nicki were still on good terms, even after the hit “WAP,” but by January 2021, Nicki had unfollowed Megan on Instagram. The beef originally started from Nicki making a jab at Megan in her newest song in 2024, “FTCU,” with a bar, “Stay in your tory lane,” referencing Megan’s highly publicized trial with R&B singer Tory Lanez.

What really matters to us, however, is how their internet beef continued into their new music. Let’s be real, their music is rushed through. Let’s talk about “Hiss,” by Megan Thee Stallion, which wasn’t too bad, but it was far from Megan’s best. She supposedly wasn’t coming directly at Nicki but at all of her haters. However, she directly came at Nicki with one specific line that referenced Nicki’s husband and brother, who are registered sex offenders. 

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The problem with “Hiss” was not what it was about, but you can tell it was rushed through. It sounds like she got right to writing it, recording it, and releasing it all in one day. I don’t know if that’s what actually happened, but it sure sounds like it. Her other music sounds amazing, but something about “Hiss” doesn’t sound right. It sounds like someone sent her Nicki’s Live and she got right to writing this piece. 

Nicki’s song “Bigfoot” wasn’t any better; in fact, it was significantly worse.  it also sounds rushed through. Lyrically, Nicki was speaking more about Megan’s mom and the beef than putting effort into what makes her the “Queen of Rap.” Will their new singles affect their legacy? It may be because people may be turned off by their new “style.” All of Nicki’s other music is good. It is filled with a distinct, She has that rap flow, made original by her ego and effort. “Big Foot” doesn’t sound like it has that famous rap flow or effort,  and her ego is now getting in the way instead of making her great. It all sounds trash. The voice she was using for this music does not sound the same, and the sound effects she has in it and the random talking at the end throw the whole music off altogether.

 Don’t get me wrong, the beginning of her song sounds fine, but once she gets to the end, the lyrics get really lazy. She was throwing other rappers’ names in it, which has nothing to do with the situation. She was throwing a lot of lazy lines in it that made her sound like the rest of these female rappers (for example, Sexy Red). I can’t quote these awful lyrics because it is a high school newspaper, but you can look them up yourself. Nicki is an amazing rapper, which is why people call her the queen of rappers, but this song is not her at all. Yet it still has 6.8 million views on YouTube alone. You know how a lot of people say some kids are different from others, like they are outside of the bad circle but then they fall into the bad circle. That’s Nicki right now. She was outside the circle from all of the other mid-female rappers, but now she is falling into the circle with them because of this song that sounds like Sexy Red wrote it. 

There’s nothing wrong with good hip-hop beef, but when that beef gets in the way of hearing good music, it’s the listeners who are getting attacked. 

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Abigail Carsner
Abigail Carsner, Graphics Editor
Abigail has always had a talent for writing. From a young age, Abigail could write like there was no tomorrow. She loves it. This is her second year on the Wingspan. She is a fan of film, art, literature, and music. She enjoys writing music-related articles, either it being about a certain genre or music news. Abigail also likes to write creative works, play guitar, and draw. When she is older, Abigail either wants to be a musician or a writer.

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  • B

    Ben DoverMar 8, 2024 at 10:21 am

    Whoever wrote this has a terrible taste in music, never share your opinion again. Please and Thank you.

    • J

      Jennifer R.Mar 8, 2024 at 12:02 pm

      Cool name bro. At least use your real name if you’re going to talk