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Lamp’s New Album ‘Dusk To Dawn’ Reflects on the Old and Explores the New

Review of the Japanese Band’s New Album
Botanical House via AP

Japanese indie band, Lamp, has made their comeback after their hiatus in 2018. Although the story-like feeling may still be present in their newest album, “Dusk To Dawn,” something salient and dear was missing. 

Lamp is best known for their ability to transcend beyond the language barrier. They rose to prominence when they released their 2004 album “For Lovers.”

 The album was filled with fresh tunes and a tempo like no other. The songs were controlled and the use of instrumentation was what made me in love with the band. 

The use of guitar in “Last Train At 25 O’Clock,” made me feel as if I was to embark on a new adventure. It was uplifting and somehow inspiring. 

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Kaori Sakakibara’s vocals give the music a romantic feeling. What’s more is that the next song experiments with something new, almost like opening a new book and reading a story. Noticing flaws, but also their perfections.

“Dusk To Dawn,” was like meeting a stranger for the first time. The album starts with “Dusk,”  The tempo is slow and dull. 

The beats overwhelmed Sakakibara’s vocals making the music difficult to enjoy without noticing. Over time, however, the song grew on me. It was lulling, something that isn’t seen much when Lamp opens their first track in an album. It felt new, but I grew to love it. 

On the other hand, ”Weekend,” had earned its popularity by resembling Lamps old music, something rare in this album. The gem of a song felt surreal. Understanding the lyrics means being able to enjoy the music on another level. 

The beat of the drums was something to remember. It has a catchy rhythm and is energizing. I had forgotten about everything at that moment. 

The song left the impression of a movie scene: a split panoramic scene, both singing about spending their weekend forgetting about one another. 

“Cold Way Home”: a bittersweet taste into memory lane. The song speaks about a cold winter day, a lonesome walk home, whilst remembering a loved one. The use of the harp makes the cold weather feel warm. I really enjoyed listening to this song. By far it was one of the songs that had a special place in my heart.

Lamps music is one where you’d have to really listen to the instrumentation, the lyrics, and many other things. Once you come to understand the meaning of each song, the experience is pleasant. 

The album closes off with “Dawn,” and the piano conveys an array of sadness. “Far beyond the universe,” the song suggests that they’re talking about someone not in present times.

 “Your time was ticking,” also suggesting someone else’s path. I was confused about what the lyrics meant.

Fans speculate that the song portrays the emotion of longing for a better future, or as some say it “a brighter Dawn.” As the title can also translate to “Dawn Yet To Be Seen.”

The album overall felt really nostalgic, but it also felt like discovering something new. All in all, I would one hundred percent recommend this album to people. After all, some of us are always looking out for a brighter Dawn. 


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