Dennis Lorenzo Goes Big on American Idol

Gabrielle DeFrangesco

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Dennis Lorenzo. Remember that name. 26-year-old, Dennis Lorenzo was born in West Philly and chased his dream on American Idol. He grew up in West Philly and went to Norristown Area High school. He graduated becoming class of 2009. During his time in High School, he was known as Dennis Parker, and he even had a position on NASDtv.

His dad was murdered when he was 5 and he started going down a rough path. He always had a passion for singing, but it wasn’t until he was 16 when his grandparents bought him a guitar, and fell in love. Dennis did an interview with 6abc and he said, “I could see my dream and I could taste it… absolutely- every bit. Every last drop.” He wanted to go big that he moved to Atlanta and then to Los Angeles. “I slept in a tent for a few months and lived in a storage unit, slept in my friends car.” He still can not believe that he actually made it to American Idol, one of the biggest talent shows on TV. Fortunately so many teachers, students, and family have supported him through this process of making it into the top 14! He has inspired and worked with so many musicians that are popular today. Dennis has released many songs on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and Sound cloud.

Link to his performance going into the Top 14: