SuperBowl LII: The “Underdogs” Take it Over the Patriots

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Gabrielle DeFrangesco, Staff Reporter

      The Philadelphia Eagles will go down in history as the underdog team! The Eagles celebrated their first Super Bowl win ever, against the New England Patriots.  Super Bowl LII was definitely a hard game for both teams but will absolutely be a competition to recall. The game left the Eagles with their first Super Bowl, while the Patriots have five.

      The event started with Pink, a Philly favorite, performing the National Anthem beautifully despite suffering from the flu. The Patriots and Eagles stepped up to the center of the field and did the coin toss, which the Patriots won. With around 10 minutes left in the first quarter the Eagles had a 1st and goal (3 points) and got points on the board. During this quarter the Eagles had two flags, a false start on Zach Ertz on offense, but this did not slow their momentum.  The Eagle’s Alshon Jeffery, #17, scored a touchdown but Jake Elliot missed the extra point.  This still left the Eagles ahead at the end of the first quarter. The Patriots fought back and made the field goal putting their first score on the board.  The first quarter ended with a lead of the Eagles, 9-3.

       The second quarter started off with #14 on the Patriots, Brandin Cooks, getting knocked unconscious and taken out for the rest of the game. Eagles player, LeGarrette Blount, scored a touchdown and went for a 2-point conversion but failed. The Patriots scored and made the extra point. Patriots cornerback, Jonathan Jones, intercepted the ball from the Eagles turning over possession. Both teams scored touchdowns at the end of the quarter. The second quarter ended with the Eagles still up 22-12.

      After the Pepsi halftime performance with Justin Timberlake featuring throwbacks to his early days, radio favorites, and a colorful dance number featured in the animated Trolls movie.  After the confetti was cleared, the second half started with the Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown and Stephen Gostkowski made the extra point. Unfortunately Patrick Chung on the Patriots was shaken up after getting hit really hard and was taken out for the rest of the game. Again, both teams made touchdowns towards the end of the quarter and both made the extra points. Leaving the end of the 3rd, Eagles were winning 29-26.

      The 4th quarter was undoubtedly a tight one, leaving both teams tired and the fans on the edge of their seats. The Patriots’s Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown and followed up with the extra point. This touchdown built the suspense of the fourth quarter giving the Patriots their first lead in the game by 1. Obviously, the Eagles’s fans were all nerves at this point. As most watched on the edges of their seats and tips of their toes, the Eagles’s Brandon Graham sacked the infamous Tom Brady of the Patriots. leaving the fumbled ball to be recovered by Derek Barnett.  This lead the Eagles to score a touchdown and the crowd went WILD! As the clock ran down and Tom Brady launched a Hail Mary that could have flipped the outcome of the game, people were freaking out!

I can attest that my house was an emotional and delighted mess. My dad and brother looked like they were about to cry because they didn’t know if the Patriots were going to get the ball and score again causing the Birds to lose the SuperBowl after being so close. However, to the disbelief of many the Eagles did it; they won! They scored at the end of the game was 41-33. Eagle’s fans went crazy and the lines at the sporting goods stores were packed with Eagle’s fans taking in their first SuperBowl victory while post-game reports were still running.  Broad Street did not clear of Philadelphia fans until early morning and rounds of “Fly Eagles Fly” spontaneously broke out for days until celebrations culminated with a Victory Parade down Broad Street on Thursday, February 8.