Winter outbreaks in Snowfall


Gabrielle DeFrangesco, Staff Reporter

Winter, snowfall, ice, freezing rain, our winter this year has been a crazy one. With everyone stocking up at stores and salting their streets or sidewalks, this raises a question… What will come next? Is there more snowfall, ice, or freezing rain coming our way? Do we need to prepare?

Recently, Norristown has received between 4-6 inches of snow, this has lead to delays in schools, and making the snow freeze which caused slippery ice. A couple days later from that snowstorm, there was predictions of freezing rain fall which caused early dismissals of schools and 2-hour delays for nearby schools.

Erie, Pennsylvania received from a range of 3-6 feet of snow during Christmas of 2017. On top of this, they just had some of the storm system Norristown just previously had. According to the National Weather Service, as the snow did not stop falling throughout the night, they set the record for the highest two-day snowfall total in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

So many people shared their experience on social media of how deep and dangerous the snow was. Those online expect to get more snowfall by the end of winter. For some people it was exciting and were happy to have the day off, while for some others, they still wonder, what will come next? There’s still over a month to go of winter. Will there be more snow? What will happen next?