Thanksgiving Game: Upper Merion vs. Norristown


Gabrielle DeFrangesco

On November 23rd, 2017, Norristown and Upper Merion played a game that will go down in history, as Norristown takes the last win, 10-0, on Thanksgiving. Last year in June, both schools signed a two-year contract to play on Thanksgiving against each other. Before that, they did it for 35 years until 1989 when they stopped. This game is so important to everyone because alumni’s that went to NAHS will most likely be home for the holidays and would love to come out and support Norristown on a day we are all grateful for. The Thanksgiving game is a friendly competition against two of the biggest rivals. According to, “The PIAA is making it almost impossible to schedule Thanksgiving Day games anymore,” said Eagles head coach Jason Powel, “They’re taking away the ability to schedule contingency games and now you have to wait around for four weeks to play on Thanksgiving, and that’s something that makes these games almost impossible to schedule.”
Justin Nagle blocked a field goal in the first half of the game. John Devine scored a touchdown after he got passed the ball from Izaiah Webb who ran 34-yards. Upper Merion held the ball for most of the first half, but Norristown pulled it together and gave the ball to Nagle with a late field goal in the first half making the score 3-0, Norristown with the lead, by halftime. The Vikings tried there best to get something on the scoreboard, but the game wasn’t in their favor this year. Unfortunately, the scoreboard was not working, so they had to announce the score and time left ever so often. The Vikings head coach Victor Brown, states that he thought Upper Merion was playing well in the first half but the score was an upset to him. As the second half started, Norristown started picking up the pace as they scored on their second possession as Izaiah Webb seeked John Devine who outran the vikings secondary for the two-possession touchdown putting the game in the Eagles favor. Eagles vs. the Vikings game ended with Eagles winning 10-0, leaving their record for the year 4-8.