Wildfires Spread Rapidly throughout California

Gabrielle DeFrangesco

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The recent outbreaks of Wildfires in California has left citizens homeless, traumatized, heart-broken and horrified for what is to come. As of October 18th, 15 major wildfires have killed 42 people and rising, and 88 loved ones are still missing from their homes. Within the fires, according to cnn.com, “11,000 firefighters have been battling one of the greatest tragedies to ever strike California.” These fires have damaged 217,000 acres of land and over 5,700 structures. A victim of the fire, named Roderick said, (cnn.com) “Every memory, memento (a souvenir) you didn’t take with you, it’s in a pile of ash where your house was.” Hundred of people and families have come home to all of their memories being burned and all that is left is ash. “As more residents return home, many are discovering they have nothing to return to.” (cnn.com). These fires have been related to 2015 California’s Wildfires, people who were affected by those fires have other things coming their way with double trouble trying to rebuild houses, businesses, farms, etc. There have been reports that these fires have burned down 34 pot farms, which is just another downside. Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa have been affected in worse ways, they had, what people call “The Nun fire”, which “…would spread more rapidly under heightened fire conditions.” There have been shelters set up all over Northern California for people whose houses have been destroyed. There are many victims, citizens, and people whose families houses got destroyed, who set up donations to raise money. You help by going to Redcross, GoFundMe, and the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund.  So many people have donated to https://www.gofundme.com/raise-funds/CAfirerelief . Donate to help, people are in dire need.