“Ever The” Meaning According to One User

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Ever The Meaning According to One User

“Ever the move…” Ever the ugly ughh…” Now that I hear “Ever the” so much I understand  when  my mom say’s our generation use too  much slang. Everytime I use slang  she corrects me and says “ it’s ever that move”. But I feel as though “ever the”  so popular with in teens.

It really doesn’t  matter where I am:  at school, the park, stores around my community.  In other words everyone is so comfortable about slang . Furthermore, I  see “ever the” on social platforms such as  Snapchat or Instagram. They usually use the term when they are debating  with another peer, or just talking.

It’s just really a popular term like “ done bun” meaning you are cut  or old news basically. Although this may be true,  our parents and older people  get so irked when they  hear the slang of this generation  .  Grown ups  think  our generation is “ a mess.”  Our generation uses a lot of slang, doesn’t matter if you are talking, or texting it’s just popular. To be honest, it’s a trend and all trends eventually die . For example a term I  used to use in middle school was “ I am going to fry you” that died. “Ever The” is so popular that it is  not in the urban dictionary.com. Even now it is so popular through teenagers. Sense it is just a fab so why won’t just start now and clean up our language.