Top 10 Things NAHS Should Know about Mr. Roth

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Top 10 Things NAHS Should Know about Mr. Roth

While students and faculty welcome in the new school year and the freshman, they also have the opportunity to welcome a new face: Norristown’s new principal Mr. Edward Roth. Fresh out of Upper Darby, Mr. Roth is replacing Mr. Jeff Smith, who served Town’s halls for a solid five years.

During one of his first days at NAHS, Mr. Roth gave an impressive 30-minute interview with NASDtv’s own Samantha Detweiler, a Norristown Senior. The in-depth interview was filled with everything from Roth’s childhood all the way to his goals for a better Norristown. So for those who don’t have a half-hour to spare, but want to be in the know, below are the Wingspan’s Top Ten facts to learn about Norristown’s new Head Eagle.

  1.  Mr. Roth was previously a History teacher before entering administration.
  2. He started off as Assistant Principal and then promoted up to be Principal of Upper Darby High School.
  3. He had a passion to be a writer and even went to Temple for journalism but ultimately decided to take up a career in Education.
  4. He played Baseball in High School and coached the team at Upper Darby High School, and continues to be a baseball fanatic.
  5. Mr. Roth likes rap music.
  6. He has two daughters; Abby who is five years old and his two year old Avery; who he likes to call “the BEST kids in the world.” (No offense, of course).
  7. Mr. Roth loves to talk. Despite the fact that he was shy as a child, he says he “never shuts up now”.
  8. He loves to golf, but unfortunately, is not that great at it.
  9. He has a picture of Jackie Robinson, who he considers a hero, in his office.
  10. As a sports enthusiast, Mr. Roth likes to commonly use sports analogies.

If you would like more knowledge on Mr. Roth, the full interview is below.