Queer Straight Alliance and BSU Showcase Norristown Alum’s Clothing Line at Fashion Show


Hope Rose Mauch

The student models all showing off their looks alongside fashion designer Brihanna McIntyre (center).

Lanaye Jordan, Guest Writer

Read more about Bre Monet Fashion here. 

The Norristown Area High School Black Student Union and Queer Straight Alliance came together with fashion designer and Norristown alum Brihanna McIntyre to create a colorful creative fashion show to display her winter clothing line, which featured sweatsuits, hoodies, jeans, denim, and beautiful abstract outfits, on Feb. 19 at the Norristown Public Library. 

“We wanted to showcase black excellence during black history month,” said Jill Myers, the advisor to both the Black Student Union and Queer Straight Alliance.

Myers, a 9th grade English teacher at Norristown, helped students put together the fashion show. She knew McIntyre through teaching her younger sister Arina and decided to reach out to check on the two sisters; she heard about MacIntyre’s fashion line and things took off from there. 

“This was so fun to put together and it took a lot of commitment,” said Myers.

Even though teachers were present, the fashion show was mainly student-led. The students came together after school to practice how the fashion show would run, present their ideas to Myers and McIntyre, and practice their walks since they were also going to be the models to show off the clothing line. 

“It was a really amazing experience,” said 9th grader Jill Patel. “I’ve never been a part of something this big before.” Patel was featured in the fashion show wearing a beautiful gold dress with sequins and a sash that caught the attention of everyone there. 

As you can imagine there were some challenges that came with bringing this show to life. Models dropped out of the show, outfits changed, and so did measurements. Seems like you can’t rush perfection.

“[McIntyre] switched my outfit 3 times and needed to correct measurements,” said Patel. 

You could feel the energy of community in the air. You could tell that there was a team effort in putting this together. Everyone was smiling, laughing, dancing, and all-around getting along. 

 “It was really fun meeting after school and getting to know people better,” said Ashley Kelly, a 12th grader at NAHS. Kelly was also a participant in the fashion show and wore a denim dress with jean shoes. 

Nerves were also present in the fashion show. Many felt nervous about the turnout of the fashion show, but I’m sure those nerves melted away because the Norristown community really showed up and showed out. 

“I was really proud of the turnout and happy everything went smooth,” said Kelly. 

“Seeing the end result and seeing everyone in their outfits was probably the best part,” said Katie Griffin, a senior at NAHS and a participant in the fashion show who blew everyone away with her gorgeous white dress with a feather skirt and her model walk that had obvious practice.

“None of us have even done modeling, so we were nervous about that,” Giffin said.  

McIntyre, who had helped the most in making this all happen as the designer of Bre Monet Fashion and the person who had made every single outfit we saw that afternoon   

“I started knitting as a little hobby then eventually decided to purchase some fabric and started sewing with a machine,” she said.  

The 2018 graduate says that it took her 2-3 hours to make every outfit and weeks for every custom outfit to be made. She wants all  young designers that want to make it big to remember to “stay consistent and don’t always worry about the money, focus on your craft.”