Norristown Alum Brihanna McIntyre-Rankine “Sews” Seeds for Future with Her Own Apparel Brand


McIntyre-Rankine develops, designs, and assembles all of the product for Bré Monet Apparel.

Ruqayyah Taylor, Staff Writer

Starting a business is more than just a means of entrepreneurship, it is an opening to an entirely new way of living, thinking, and creating every day. Brihanna McIntyre-Rankine, a 2018 Norristown Area High School graduate, has spent her most recent years of life completely indulging in the art of designing clothes for others and building her own brand. Established on June 9, 2019, Bré Monet Apparel is a steadily rising clothing brand that uniquely targets people of every age and gender.

Most business ventures seemingly start with an underlying love, passion, or talent within their creator. “Before I started my business, I used to knit shirts and blankets,” said McIntyre. “So I would say the inspiration for starting my own brand came from my hobby of creating nothing into something.”

Early in her childhood, McIntyre knew she had a thing for fashion and design. “I always watched modeling shows and played dress-up games as a little girl,” she said. Those early sources of inspiration manifested into the career she is building for herself today, as she gets to frequently “dress-up” her models for different shoots and occasions.

Although McIntyre works with other people to promote and embody her new looks, her design process and production are mostly done alone. “While creating my clothing line, I think of ways I can separate myself from other clothing brands and be different,” said McIntyre. “Once I experienced the luxury of being my own boss, I realized that this is something that I want to do for the rest of my life.”

McIntyre’s business slogan is “Separation will help your figuration.” Separating yourself from others as a small business owner may seem difficult at this day in age when everyone follows, shares, and uses the same ideas as everyone else on social media. McIntyre, however, has used her social resources to the best of her ability and it has benefited her in the best way possible. “Without social media, it would be more difficult getting exposure,” said McIntyre. “Marketing, putting a lot of content out, and being consistent has made my business more successful.”
Social media has also helped McIntyre form connections with other entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Looking ahead, she plans on collaborating with other clothing brands, make-up artists, and hairstylists. Taking advantage of significant business relations is a key aspect in branching out as an entrepreneur and finding new ways to expand your brand.

In November 2020, McIntyre launched her online shopping website. She wanted to find a more effective way to further promote her brand and so she did just that! The main challenge that she faced while setting up her website was making it look professional. Having a website linked to your business is one of the most beneficial things to do when trying to grow your consumer base, so it’s important to develop an overall pleasing visual.

Creating a website has definitely paid off for McIntyre, as she has gained a lot more sales from online orders. Having a website has even allowed Bré Monet Apparel to receive attention on an international level. “It is a very good feeling to know that there are many different people all over the globe who visit my website,” said McIntyre. “When potential customers reach out to me and ask me if I ship outside of the U.S, I am at my happiest”.

The way McIntyre has obtained so much knowledge as an entrepreneur in such a small amount of time almost seems perplexing. The truth is, her constant hard work and diligence have got her to where she is now because she has experienced many trials and errors exploring her craft. “I made my first piece of real clothing in 2018 and looking back, I was very unfamiliar with a lot of fabrics and how to use them,” said McIntyre. “Now, I am more aware of what materials I should be purchasing and how to use them because of the experience I have with designing clothes.”
McIntyre also attended Montgomery County Community College after she graduated from high school. While in college, McIntyre took business classes where she learned how to manage money better in her business and what to expect in the future with her finances. As McIntyre continues to manage her finances, she is looking forward to opening up a store in the near future.

Being a small business owner means that you persistently have to stay internally motivated in order to keep working on your own goals and dreams. “Being told that my great-grandmother was a seamstress inspired me to carry her legacy,” said McIntyre. “And thinking about my future family pushes me to want to do the best that I can.”

McIntyre is of Jamaican descent and her background is a major part of her life. Her unique, yet difficult, family upbringing has served as one of the main sources of inspiration throughout her entire business journey. “Knowing that my family came from nothing makes me want to ensure that they are even more financially stable now,” said McIntyre. “The ultimate goal, when I leave this world, is to have my brand continue for generations to come.”

Although McIntyre has obtained a lot of success with Bré Monet Apparel thus far, she still believes that there is still a substantial amount of goals that need to be accomplished. Starting and carrying out a small business takes dedication and effort, and for McIntyre, it has been worth it, as she has been putting the work in every day!

“It’s not an easy process,” said McIntyre. “No matter how slow your business is starting up or if you have any thoughts of giving up you should stick with it.”

If you are looking to venture into your own business and ever need any guidance, McIntyre highly encourages you to reach out!

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