Norristown’s Motormizz Wants to be Next ‘ToP DoG’ Rapper


Kayla Kost

Motor Mizz’s music is making a splash in the moment.

Tah'niyah Jackson, Staff Reporter

Norristown´s own Michael Jones Jr, an aspiring rapper known officially as Motormizz,  with over 300,000 streams on his song “ToP DoG,” hopes to one day make it all the way to the charts. It was cool to find out he just so happens to be a distant relative of mine. While I don’t typically listen to rap, I had to find out more about him, considering this fascinating artist is a part of my family.
Motormizz started his journey in music back in 2015 while working overnight at an airport. He would make music and write the lyrics as he listened to beats. When he finished writing his first song, he performed it in front of his cousin, who was also his inspiration to start pursuing music. His cousin has been involved with music production since Motormizz was young, and he always looked up to his cousin. Even though Mizz wasn’t entirely invested in becoming a musical artist, he still pursued the craft.

I go beyond the list.”

— Motormizz

“I have to play the away game because playing the home game just ain’t gonna work,” Motormizz said about making music outside of Norristown. He wants to be known all over and to do this, he needs to be heard by everyone. For this to happen, he needed to leave his hometown behind.
When asked about his exclusion from The Wingspan’s The Top 10 TownCloud Rappers list that was published last year, Motormizz said he wasn’t worried. “I don’t care about the list. It’s a small town and I only know maybe one of the people on that list,” he said.
When writing a song, Motormizz goes through different steps to get a different style of music. When he’s looking to write a song that has very little meaning he can write it within a 15-minute time frame, but when he’s looking for something a little deeper, he says it could take months to find the proper inspiration and even that it can come from anywhere. “I feel off this planet,” Motormizz said while he was in the studio recording a song, “I feel unstoppable, and that no one’s better than me.”
“Tell the truth” is the mantra he plays in his head when he is writing music. He spoke about other rappers who he felt do not tell the truth when they rap, calling this “faking the game.” He noted when rappers lie about being involved in gang activity or along those lines.
While music is not his only dream, it’s the only dream that he can make public. He wanted to keep some things personal since it doesn’t have to do with his music.
His last song had been released back in April of 2019 and he plans to release more music very soon. He already recorded several songs for his album.
And he hopes that with how today’s generation embraces different styles of rappers, he can become the ToP DoG.

Check out his single here on Apple Music.