Top Ten ‘TownCloud Artists Taking The Local Music Scene By Storm


Duyen To

These ‘Town artists are taking music to the next level with their hard work and passion.

Da'Yanna Zeigler , Staff Reporter

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Imagine seeing someone every day in the halls and around town and years later, suddenly recognizing their faces up on billboards or performing in front of crowds of thousands of people. They wouldn’t be where they are without the recognition and support of fans and family. Norristown is filled with young and talented individuals that locals can support, but talent can only get you so far. Without a solid fanbase, there is no telling when one will become a face to remember in the game of music. 

Being aware of the local talent around you can make or break someone’s career. The support upcoming artists can get from their community can differentiate between allowing them to take music to the next level as a career or creating music as just a hobby to pass time. As a listener, you will be able to fully watch these local artists grow and take pride in what inspirations come out of your town. You may also be pleasantly surprised when your new favorite artist is someone you actually know.

Some of these names might sound familiar, so pop on those headphones and get ready for a symphony of passion with these ‘Town artists! 

1. Kingbates (SoundCloud)

“Came from the dirt, I step through the graves.” Kingbates is fairly new to the ‘Town rap game but is without a doubt growing in popularity. He has accumulated a lot of talk considering that he is the first ‘white boy’ to be recognized for his lyrical and humble rapping style. It can be seen that Kingbates really takes his lyrics into consideration– some bars may go right over your head if you’re not quick with your wits.

2. Mizzy Montana (SoundCloud, Youtube)

Mizzy has been a ‘Town favorite artist for quite some time. His distinctive deep voice, constant loyalty to the 610, and always staying close to home, makes him stand out among the many people fighting to be ‘hood famous.’ Along with other ‘Town artists, Mizzy sometimes even does live shows at the Centre Theatre in Norristown, providing his own personal trap music to the party. 

3. Ai Julz (SoundCloud)

From his music, you gather a good sense of Ai’s values– family being the most prominent. According to the array of song types displayed on his page from lyrical rap to trap music, he is still experimenting with his sound in order to find his true voice. All his songs have one thing in common though: they all genuinely come with meaning. Like Mizzy Montana, Julz sometimes also performs his hit songs for crowds and is even going on tour soon. 

4. KR Rell (SoundCloud)

Just like his songs, KR Rell’s stage name tells a deeper story. Kevin’s Revenge leads to Rell’s number one motivation: being his late brother Kevin. Losing him when both were really young, Rell’s passion stems from keeping his brother’s memory alive. Rell has probably been in the game the longest and has definitely earned his recognition for it. Although his lyrics are a lot more intense than the other artists on this list; with mentions of drugs and violence, it seems like he has now invested more of his time helping and inspiring the young potential artists around him.                   

5. FH Snoop (All Platforms)

If you haven’t heard “ Caribbean Jawn” by FH Snoop,  you must be living under a rock! The hit song is bummed at many neighborhood events such as the summer kickoffs at Simmons Park in Norristown. With over 1 million listens on Soundcloud, Snoop is without a doubt on the radar. Her musical style is similar to newer trap music, but her rap flow features more singing and backgrounds of piano. You’ll find yourself subconsciously rocking with her music. 

6. Wilbert Aaron (All Platforms

Will has always aspired to be an artist, singing any chance he gets. He has definitely grown to be a ‘Town favorite (pun intended). His music gives hints of r&b and soul, tunes that especially speak to his female audience but are as equally as enjoyable for the guys trying to impress their crush. Performing his songs and covers at school talent shows positively affected his local fame.  

7. Creolestorm

Motivated to the fullest, this artist for sure lives up to her stage name: taking the rap game by storm. Creole’s sound is intense, allowing listeners to really feel the passion behind every word she says through her sound. Known by her other outstanding performances at local open mic nights at the high school or around ‘Town, Creolestorm posts freestyles and snippets of upcoming songs weekly on her Instagram, never disappointing her fans. 

8. Khalil Jordan

Youngest in the game is 10-year-old Khalil from Stewart Middle School. He uses his bars to spread positive messages about school and growing up. His ambition and drive has gotten him recognized by the community and even given the opportunity to record and film a music video for youtube, titled Hopes and Dreams, at his elementary school, Marshall Street!

9. Gbaby (SoundCloud)

Often featured on songs by AI Julz, Gbaby adds her own guttural smoky sound that blends well with rap music, giving it a nice smooth switch up. You could compare her voice to other artists like H.E.R, many are looking forward to see what else she brings to the game. 

10. TheeFazo (SoundCloud)

More relatable music can be found with Fazo. He is also more of a sing-songy rapper with a couple flow switch-ups that keep you listening to the stories told through his lyrics. More people have been starting to vibe with his sound lately, those outside of town and people who personally know him. A viral hit is preceded in the near future!


These uprising ‘Town artists are sure to make a name for themselves in this game called the music industry. Listening through their tracks and albums, you can definitely feel the passion and hard work these young and talented artists put into their music. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they won’t shine. With more to grow and improve more with their musical talents, these stars are sure to make their ‘Town family proud!