Close Race Emerges in New Spirit Week Door Competition

Oxirydiana Salas-Carmona, Staff Writer

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The results are in, and the winner of the Spirit Week door competition is Maria Loebig. Norristown Area High School hosted its first door competition in over six years on Oct. 10 as a part of Spirit Week, which leads up to the upcoming homecoming dance and football game. Members in the Blue and White Society always find the most creative ways to bring out our school spirit, so advisers Kate Bartlett and Jen Shahin decided to bring back an old and once proud tradition.

Teachers, and their first period class, brought out their school spirit this week and showcased their pride for their school by decorating their doors. Every decorated door was judged on what message it sent, how creative it got, and how much school spirit it showed.

Although Loebig’s room took home the first prize, the race was very close. The runners-up were Misty Cincotti, who came in at second place, and Kirstin Colloton, who took third place. Each of the top three classes will receive the grand prize, donuts from Suzy Jo’s Donuts in East Norriton.

Loebig credited her students with the win. Cymaruh Stinson, Senior, who helped assemble the door, also didn’t want to take credit for the win. “We all helped, so we all won,” Stinson finally stated with excitement.

The teacher and students took all day, Wednesday, to perfect their door until the members of the Blue and White Society went around and judged them after school. Teachers and students were motivated to make their door the best out of the rest.

Stinson’s overall view about the Spirit Week door contest reflected what Spirit Week and Homecoming is all about. “I don’t really care about the prize,” Stinson said. “It was fun. I had fun.”

This expects to be the first of several Blue and White door competitions this year.  The next competition is scheduled for the upcoming holiday season in December.