Top Ten Freaking (and Fair) Freshman Fears

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Top Ten Freaking (and Fair) Freshman Fears

Aiyanna Parrish, Staff Reporter

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At the beginning of the year, I interviewed Freshman students about their biggest fears entering Norristown Area High School.  While many were influenced by pop-culture, many of their fears were also pretty valid.  As a senior ready to graduate, I do my best to offer some advice to those Freshman.

1. Getting lost in the building

Most freshmen have admitted that their number one fear is getting lost in the building.  “When I came here I thought [students] would be doing drugs in the stairway,” said Sudan, Freshman. We can infer she got this image from a movie or some sort of television program. Some students like to wander around the halls, while some like to wander other places such as empty classrooms or even the basement. “The basement is is nothing but dirt,” said Jordan, Freshman. Hmm, wonder why he was down there.

2. Not getting enough credits

Many students fear not receiving enough credits to graduate; let alone move to the next grade without the minimum amount of credits (which is 5.5 credits per year here at Norristown).You earn credits by passing each class you take this year. Weighted Honors classes give you more credits than regular classes.  Your guidance counselor can be a great resource thought the years, although you should try to be responsible and stay on top of your game.

3. Messing up your G.P.A.

Losing credit(s) not only makes you a potential candidate of repeating a course, but it might give Freshmen as well as upperclassmen more pressure into trying to clean their GPA’s. It’s easy to get distracted but way easier to have a bad GPA your first year. If college means something to you, you’re going to have to put in almost double the work to bring your GPA back to where you want it in the future years. REMINDER, DO NOT EVER WAIT TILL THE 4TH SEMESTER TO GET ALL YOUR WORK IN.

4. Failing a grade

Besides having a low GPA, failing a grade as well as failing a class will not help. Failing classes will make you a step closer in repeating a year. Here at NAHS, you only need to pass at least 5 out of 8, classes to go onto the next grade (meaning you can technically flop 2 and a half courses ..DON’T DO IT)

5. Failing a class

Freshman Tyliah said, “I feel like I’m gone fail then” if she fails just one class, which isn’t true. Nobody is a failure because of one obstacle. Homework is for our own practice, so you only cheat yourself when you don’t do it. When it comes to tests and quizzes, you practicing your homework will pay off and studying will help you succeed. Classwork and Test are a big part of your grade too so make sure to be present and participate.

6. Too much homework

Like many students, our freshman are afraid of getting too much homework. First year student, Alijeleyah  said, “Your middle school teachers help you…”, meaning with homework and classwork .. Welcome to high school, Freshmen! Too much homework can slow you down from playing sports or just enjoying your free time. Tips, you should either do homework right when you get home or during free periods in school, such as lunch.

7. Where to sit at lunch

It’s impossible if you have nowhere to sit  if you’re going to do your homework, right? “They said to get out the seat but I ain’t move,” Jordan had said as he stood his ground against upperclassmen, just as he should. On the other hand, we have some sweethearts that had a even worse scenario, such as Katie, she said, “They moved our stuff. I got called names for sitting in their seat.” Lastly, Keyon who was marking his territory early when he said ‘I told somebody get up.

8. Making friends/losing friends

We all love the thought of having friends for life. High school years are where everyone is trying to figure out who they are as individuals, which may involve people to part ways with their friends. It could be because of a girlfriend, boyfriend, simple disagreements, or it might be because your friend(s) have found other friends. This may be true, but you’ll definitely narrow your circle down by your senior year. High school is High school, you are going to lose friends and make new one’s that can be your friends for a lifetime. You can be like some of the students in Mister Straubel’s 8th period class, they prefer to keep their close friends, they consider ‘brothers’ around only; no new friends. One student even said “I don’t have friends I only have brothers”.

9. Presentations

     Presentations give some of us chills just from thinking about them. Clammy hands, sweaty palms, and millions of eyeballs on you; these are the wonderful experiences we all associate with presentations. Just breathe and pretend you’re Beyoncé. Everyone is your audience. You’ll get through it, I promise.

10. Having class with a crush

What can be just as scary as presenting? How about seeing your crush everyday? We’ve all had a crush before, but for them to sit in the same class as you, it can make you kind of nervous. Imagine trying to look your best or not making a fool of yourself daily because you think someone’s watching.


In my study, I’ve found that this year’s freshmen generally have good minds and have no intentions of losing themselves. They don’t care that they don’t fit in, which is rare for a group of 14-15- year-olds, considering there’s upperclassmen or even grown adults still trying to “fit in”. This group of millennials say they worry more about peer pressure, mainly because it interferes with finding themselves. Kids are the future of our world, so with this mindset of the Class of 2022, their bright futures are up ahead.