Ways We Can Prevent School Shootings


It’s an understatement to say there have been a excessive amount of school shootings over the years and it is time for a change. With the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida where seventeen people have unfortunately, been killed. People around the country have started to rally to spark a change to prevent future tragedies. Many students have still have not returned to school due to many problems caused by the shooting they witnessed. Students saw their fellow classmates get killed by a person, this could have been prevented if the school had better security.

A couple of ways schools can better their security so that these horrific events don’t happen is to treat a school shooting threat like its really going to happen. Many students have threatened to shoot up schools and some schools don’t treat it in the right manner. Students who threaten schools should be expelled immediately and their school should advance security in the school.

Some schools, especially those who have a bigger population than others, should hire the right amount of security guards and purchase more surveillance cameras. Many schools only hire two security guards and expect them to protect the entire school all on their own. What if several students attack the school and they separate from each other? How will the school be safe? Schools need to install surveillance cameras in the right areas to ensure that they know what is going on. There should be cameras in the front, back and on top of the schools. Schools should have scanners or metal detectors. Schools are more likely to have students who carry weapons if there is some type of way to make sure no one is carrying anything dangerous.