Mr. Norristown 2018 Wrap-Up


Doyen To and Christina Wong

On the date of March 9th, 2018, NAHS met their 17th annual Mr. Norristown event. NAHS senior boys gave it their all to reach for the prestigious Mr. Norristown crown. The auditorium was filled with many adoring fans and families of each boy. At 7 p.m., the show finally began.

The show started with past Mr. Norristown contestants hyping up the audience for this year’s show. After the preview was over, all the contestants came out, dancing to Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bell-Air”, choreographed by Town’s own cheerleaders Jessica Yates and Kennedie Licwinko.

After their amazing performance, the two hosts, Rahdia Thorton and Camryn Duncan, started to introduce the contestants of Mr. Norristown 2018. The gentlemen came out with their lovely female partners, with the exception of a dinosaur and a skateboard. As the boys were finished being introduced to the audience, the fashion show began!

The  fashion even included three categories included: Formal Wear, Casual Wear, and Swimwear. All the crown candidates showed off their charisma, making the crowd go wild several times! And then on to everyone’s favorite section: talent!

The talent show “began with a bang!” Thrilling the audience with a rock song performed by Luis Reyes. In the second performance, the audience was introduced to Noel Irizarry, rapping and dancing, featuring Vincent (Vinny) Milito. After his wild dinosaur chase, Brandon Neely showed off his comedic skills, filling the auditorium with laughter.

Calming things down, the fourth act featured Jeremiah Bynum playing a ballad on his saxophone for all the crowd to hear! To the crowd’s surprise, Jeremiah’s act wasn’t completely over! He added percussion to the performance, as well as moving from a relaxing and classical song to a more jazzy rhythm.

Revving the crowd up, Jesus Hernandez sang to a Pit-Bull medley featuring his hit “On the Floor”, featuring his girlfriend, Mitzi Guitierrez (12th) and Latino backup dancers. Jesus showed off his Latino pride by whipping out the Puerto Rican flag after finishing his killer performance.

Keeping the crowd’s adrenaline pumping, Tyler McCray showed off his dance moves impersonating  Michael Jackson’s “Rock My World” and “Billie Jean”.  He was accompanied by Georgia Werkiser, Jamia ____ and Kyonna Service along with two of his brothers Jeremiah and Matthew.

Following up on his “Do you want a sandwich?” question posed in the Meet the men of Mr. Norristown 2018 trailer, Kyler Robinson-Puleo gave the audience a “snack” of a performance with his amazing sandwich making skills accompanied by some great music. Kyler was accomponied by his close friend Miranda ___ to help as she brought out some milk for the judges, helping them wash down the delicious sandwich Kyler made for them.


Bringing back the hype, Chris Ayala wowed the crowd with his singing and dancing skills. Chris, joined by some amazing girls, sang and danced to Bruno Mars’s “Finesse” featuring Cardi B.. Opening up about his journey from Freshman year to Senior year, Emerzon Cedano surprised the crowd with his magic act, plus a bit of comedic input. Emerzon showed the crowd his amazing psychic ability, with only one month of training! Next, kevin Hernandez moved the audience with his piano playing skills, the audience was on an emotional ride. The performance made some people in the audience tear up, but during the end, Kevin lifted our spirits with a happy piece. For Vincent (Vinny) Milito’s performance, the senior had shown off his incredible clothing line, all created by himself! Vincent had an ad for his brand “Safe Garments,” as well as making the other contestants join in and model including an eagle mascot! You can check out his website: if you are interested! Last but not least, Charleton Moore-Sweet ended the talent show with his phenomenal dancing skills, along with his friends. Ending off the talent portion, the contestants came back on stage, all well suited and dressed with their suits. They were all given roses by Juan and were told to give the roses to their families. After some heartwarming hugs from their families, the two hosts presented the top five! Then the show was given an intermission.

Right after intermission, the Step Team come on with their astonishing performance, including two of the Mr. Norristown contestants, Tyler McCray and Jesus Hernandez. Finishing with the Step Team’s performance, the moment everyone was waiting for finally came.

The top 5 Mr. Norristown contestants came back on stage. A host came up towards the boys and asked them all three different questions. With all the questions answered, the judges made their final decision. Runner up for Mr. Norristown was Charleton Moore-Sweet! The crowd all cheered and congratulated the senior. Finally… after a small moment of silence, the host announced the winner for the 2018 Mr. Norristown. And the winner was… Tyler McCray! After his name was announced, all the contestants gave the new Mr. Norristown a big hug! Everyone one in the crowd stood up, clapping and cheering as Mr. Norristown and the contestants all danced to their opening song, “Fresh Prince of Bell-Air!”

While this may have been the first time that the Blue and White Society hosted Mr. Norristown, they pulled it off flawlessly.