Should Teachers Have The Right To Be Armed in Class?

Duyen To

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With all the news full about the horrific shooting that had happened on February 14th, 2018, many people are drawn to the question, “should teachers be armed?” Many people have mixed feelings about this topic, making it more hard to answer.

Going around, I have asked many teachers and student what their stances are on whether teachers should be armed or not. Like before, some were mixed on this topic, but many were very against teachers having guns in their classrooms. “No. There are better ways to protect the school. For example, if we can pay police officers to protect the school, we can purchase metal detectors. It can increase security that way. A teacher should not have weapons, mainly because more people will die that way. There is money.”- Misty Cincotti. “No, specifically because I don’t thinks guns are the solution. I’m more worried about phones in students pockets.. I don’t want to be worried for a firearm.” – Kirstin Colloton. “I am against it. Teachers get angry. Teachers are in charge  of their room.. and as a teacher I get provoked, and at times, I respond inappropriately. I wouldn’t trust my reaction. I’m not trained, and I don’t want to be trained.” – Anonymous. Many teachers are very against this idea, but on the other hand, there are many students who have mixed feelings about teachers being armed.

Students were unsure about this topic, for example, many said they were uncertain about it, some, giving neutral sides of the topic. “I’m iffy about it. Only ‘cause a teacher could use the weapon against the students, but then again if something would happen they would have something to protect the students.” – Gabby DeFrangesco. “It could help the students be protected. It can help with the protection and the safety rules. When danger comes to the school the teacher can protect their students.” – Christina Granthan. Though, some students were very opposed to the idea of teachers having guns. “It’s stupid, I mean- teachers can grab it and shoot the kids. Teachers can shoot kids too.” – Zhaire Wells. “I do not think teachers should be armed. It’s not a good thing. The reason is, is because it can make a horrible situation even worse. People panic when being near weapons.” – Taylor Simms. To have students as well say no to the question, is it best to listen to the students or the teachers themselves?

Going back to the question, “should teachers be armed,” there is not a clear yes or no answer as many do not one-hundred percent agree with one another. If we want to change the laws, to protect the students and to protect ourselves, we must first change what’s getting us into danger, guns. In honor of those who died during the school shooting in Florida, we must finally break through our fears and make a change for the better, we must protest and make the government hear our voices. Stand proud and clear, as we the students are the ones fighting for our rights of protection.