‘Batman of Norristown’ Helps Out Others


Christina Wong, Staff Reporter


The ‘Batman of Norristown’ creates amazing opportunities for those who need a place to live. Lenny Bazemore, a real estate developer with a big heart, decided to buy his best friend’s house in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He wanted to use it as a money-making investment. His plan was clean up the house and earn some cash from it. However, he could not bring himself to do it due to the love for his hometown. His passion and love for Norristown meant more to him than money. Lenny decided to give the house to Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity happily accepted Lenny’s house and sold it to a single mother with four kids. The mortgage was zero percent. During this good deed, Lenny found his calling to help others in need. Ever since that day, he pledged that he would donate 10 more houses to Habitat for Humanity. He started with his mother’s old house on West Basin Street, which will receive an energy-efficient upgrade and will be ready for others to live in around early summer.

A journalist named Annette John-Hall, that works at WHYY, explained to others how Norristown poverty rate is about ten percentage points lower than the National average percentage. Rent takes up half of people’s incomes, leaving them with less money to spend on food, clothes, etc. Due to Lenny’s kind-hearted and benevolent acts, housing can be more affordable for those who struggle with money. This allows families to be stabilized and use their money for other important necessities.
Since Lenny grew up in Norristown, he believes that he understands a couple of things about people who live in Norristown. He said that the people there are “resilient, gritty, and hard-working”. He believes that they don’t need a hand-out, but a jump-start. Lenny hopes that others notice what he is doing and to watch Norristown develop into a place with more opportunities. “I guess I’m the Batman of Norristown. Once they put the bat signal in the sky, I’ll give them money to purchase the property,” Lenny quoted. Lenny Bazemore’s good deeds and acts of kindness are admired and thanked by everyone in Norristown.