Super Blue Moon Starts the New Year

Duyen To

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On January 31st, we will be having a Blue Moon. The Blue Moon occurs when the Earth’s moon goes into a second full moon within a month’s time. This begs the question: With the Blue Moon’s appearance, what effects will it have on us?

According to legends and mythology, the full moon has been associated with strange and unfamiliar behavior. Legends say that these behaviors result in people taking their lives, sleepwalking, or even random acts of violence. A study shows ( ) that inhumane activity did not result from a full moon.  Still, that same study shows that people sleep five minutes less on average during a full moon, but this should not affect a person’s health dramatically.

Weather wise, the Blue Moon does affect the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere. During a full moon for example, it creates a “bulge” into the ocean, which is why we have tides. This also happens with the atmosphere. ( ) This information could help scientists understand supernatural phenomenon that are soon to come.

Blue Moons usually appear every thirty-two months, making the phrase, “once in a blue moon.” In logical term, the phrase perfectly describes itself ( This fact brings up the some further questions: When will the next Super Blue Moon appear again? Will this occurrence only happen once in a Blue Moon?