Egypt’s Deadliest Attack in Modern History (Edited by GD & DT)



On November 25, 2017, Egypt had it’s deadliest terrorist attack. Between 25-30 aggressive militants planted a bomb inside a Mosque full of people on the Sinai Peninsula. Innocent people in Egypt were in the middle of their Friday Prayers. To add more panic and chaos, the militants also sprayed gunfire on innocent worshipers, as they tried to escape.

This tragedy killed at least 305 people and injured about 128 people. Officials are calling it “the most deadliest attack in Egypt’s modern history”. People all over the world, but mostly people in Egypt are shocked about how ruthless and cruel militants really are.
Attacks on Mosques are quite rare in Egypt, which made people even more shocked and angry. “The bodies were scattered on the ground outside the Mosque. I hope God punishes them for this,” said Ibrahim Sheteewi, a resident of Bir al-Abed; a small Sinai town where the attack took place. Not only did the attack frighten and traumatize the citizens of Egypt, it sent awareness to other countries surrounding Egypt. No group took responsibility for the attack, but this incident made many other countries upgrade their security and be on alert for future attacks.