Earthquake Shakes Iran-Iraq on Catastrophic Levels

Christina Wong

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On November 13, 2017, a massive earthquake hit Iran-Iraq. The earthquake was so powerful that it killed at least 530 people and injured about 7,460 people. Iranians dug through rubble hoping to find survivors. The earthquake has been recorded as the deadliest earthquake so far this year, the earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3, according to the United States Geological Survey. Due to this disaster, many are left in horrible conditions, such as being homeless.

Thanks to social media, Iranians were able to get the help they needed to continue to live and overcome what the earthquake ruined. Tohid Najafi, an Iranian living in the States, launched a Facebook fundraiser in order to spread awareness and help for the earthquake victims. His goal is to raise up to $110,000. The fundraiser began on November 13th and will continue to go on until December 13th. There are many other fundraisers like this one that helps earthquake victims in Iran. Iranians are in desperate need of our help, and it would be a great help if everyone can contribute and donate money to help those in Iran.