Top 10: Get the Most Wanted Christmas Gifts of 2017

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As we enter the holidays, people are scrambling to finish their holiday shopping. And if you happen to be one of the many who are, this list of perfect last minute gifts may up your holiday game for this year and the next.

  1. Money: All teens could use and appreciate of some cash to spend.
  2. Shoes: Something that anyone of any age can use to spice up their outfit.
  3. Clothes: New clothes to enhance a teens look.
  4. Makeup/ Beauty Products: Makeup has become very popular among girls- and boys of all ages; even the basic stuff. Lip gloss for instance, is great basic example of basic makeup that everyone wears to keep their lips saturated during these cold months and there’s a variety in glosses.
  5. Fuzzy Socks: You can never go wrong with a pair of fuzzy socks to keep your nice and cozy.
  6. Gift card: If you know a place that someone likes to shop, and you don’t know what to get them, this is the perfect gift to choose.
  7. Pandora Bracelet and Charms: This bracelet will last forever and you can add charms as you make memories with them.
  8. Computers/Tablets: This gift won’t go to waste especially because of all of the work high school students do online.
  9. Phone cases: These are clothes for the phone. A must have!!
  10. Concert Tickets: Going to see your favorite artist live would be a great surprise to open on Christmas morning.