They Shoot, They Score

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They Shoot, They Score

On monday September 19th 2017 both JV and Varsity Boys Soccer of Norristown Area had home games against rival school Upper Merion High School Vikings. Before the games we were able to ask each team’s coaches a few questions about their season so far:

  1. Do you think your team has a high probability of winning?

Varsity soccer coach answered with a solid “YES”

2) Do you think of upper merion as a difficult competitor?

JV Coach says “Probably not, this is only our 3rd game, but it isn’t impossible to win.”

JV UM Coach says “ This isn’t our first time playing them, last time they were okay but unprepared, but very competitive, even with the small team they had”

3) When you lose a game what would you say to build up your team?

Norristown JV Coach says “Practice, get better and make a better next game”

Upper Merion JV Coach says “keep them motivated, heading forward, every games just a game you don’t always win but even if you don’t there will be other chances”

In the end Norristown Junior Varsity won over upper merion with a(n) ending score of 3-0.Unfortunately Norristown Varsity lost with an ending score of 2-0, but as Norristown knows, you can’t keep an Eagle down.