Top 10 Reasons to Hate Valentine’s Day

Nayquan Pugh, Staff Reporter

    1. You’re SINGLE – you have nobody to buy a gift for and/or someone to buy you a gift.
    2. Guys can get kind weird about presents – I mean, really. What is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? It’s not a birthday present.
    3. Home alone.
    4. Girls’ Night Out can turn ugly – We end up feeling sorry for ourselves, watching movies and eating tons of chocolate.
    5. Can’t buy a gift – you have no job or no money to buy a gift for someone.
    6. People whine about how much Valentine’s Day sucks – people who have nothing to do just talk about their sucky day.
    7. Red and pink make terrible color combinations – not to be trivial or anything, but who came up with the marriage between red and pink on Valentine’s Day? The only acceptable red and pink objects are the fruit punch and strawberry Starbursts.
    8. Girls at school have enough balloons to re-create Up – In high-school, you know whose boyfriend is the most thoughtful by the amount of heart-shaped balloons girls toted around.
    9. Roses aren’t that great – And they’re expensive. A dozen roses are around sixty bucks on Valentine’s Day because of Capitalism.
    10. Restaurants on Valentine’s Day are ridiculous – I’ve honestly never gone out to eat with my date on Valentine’s Day because crowds make both of us nervous and you have to book a table month’s in advance.

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