Mysterious Mckown Matches Point at NAHS


Mr. McKown shows off his love of cats with his very own Mr. Kiss, prior to the A&P cat dissection lab.

Jessica Yates, Editor in Chief

Mysterious McKown Matches Point at NAHS

Mr. McKown. Unless you’ve taken Anatomy and Physiology (you should), you’re probably wondering who that is. Perhaps you’ve heard about him as the teacher who looks like Barry Benson from the Bee movie, or that weird guy that thinks Rihanna is better than Beyoncé, or more commonly as the teacher with the racket.

Mr. William McKown, born in Tylersport, Pennsylvania, grew up in an all-male household, with the exception of his mother. Proclaiming himself as “the most athletic person you’ll know” , McKown actually does have a pretty athletic background. In middle school and high school he participated in soccer, tennis (shocking), football and track. He describes himself as growing up in an era where “on the weekends and in the summer, you got together with your buddies and played every sport.”

College bound, he found himself majoring in elementary education at Millersville University, but later found a better calling in Secondary Biology, graduating in 2005 with his Bachelor’s in Science Education. Fast forward twelve years and McKown finds himself, with racket of course, in the halls of Norristown where he’s still teaching Science. Althoughhe taught 9th Grade Science intially, Mckown soon took his iconic spot as the “A&P” teacher. His advice on this: if you like open rats, sheep brains, pig hearts or anything fun like that, then his class should definitely be on your scheduling card.

Musically, McKown’s preferences are pretty diverse. Describing country music as “basic”, his favorite genres are the oldies, Rock n’ Roll and that of his adolescence (late 90’s rap).

Mr. Mckown’s many hobbies include playing tennis (again shocking); spear-fishing; indulging in cheesy dad jokes; spending time outside with his wife and ten-month-old boy, Ryan. He also enjoys playing video games but excels at only one game: Battlefield 4. Even though not a hobby, he also enjoys “life’s awkward moments.” According to him, that’s how one can truly learn something about someone.

As for the racket he carries, there’s a reason. McKown has been coaching Norristown’s Boys Tennis for almost six years, but that’s not where his infatuation with the sport ends. To “get his competitive juices out”, he still participates in adult leagues, and considers Roger Federer, a famous tennis player ranked no.6 in the world, to be his “idol”.

So, if you’re not a country lover and don’t mind hearing the world’s cheesiest jokes, you’ll appreciate Mr. McKown. One last piece of advice: he suggests you don’t invite him to your pool , lake , or river (he’ll pee in it ). Yuck!