Dissection of the pig heart

Nina Summers , Editor

Some student scientists here at the high were recently spotted getting their hands (or should I say gloves) dirty by dissecting pig hearts in class. During the dissecting process the students got to stick pins into the different parts of the heart like the superior vena cava, right atrium and tricuspid valve to name a few. Curious to see how the students felt about pulling apart sections of a pig heart, Kayla Henry and I questioned them. Most of the students felt that it was disgusting, adding that the hearts had an unpleasant smell. The same majority said that they didn’t like the lab and seemed to have had a less than positive overall experience. However, some students felt that it was a great opportunity to learn more about animals and their anatomy. Those students also didn’t mind the smell of the dissection and appeared to have an overall positive experience. Whether the student scientists particularly enjoyed dissecting pig hearts or not, it was nevertheless an excellent chance to learn more about our animal friends up close and personal.