Top 10 islands for summer vacation

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Top 10 islands for summer vacation

Nina Summers, Associate Editor

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With an unusually warm winter, people have been reminded of the upcoming summer. It’s one of the most popular travel times of the year but how do you know what destination is right for you? Islands are an amazing getaway however, there’s so many to choose from. Lucky for you I’ve compiled a list of the ten best islands for the ultimate summer vacation:

1.Maldives- The Maldives are the home to some of the worlds most ravishing islands, but its the sea that is the real jewel.
2.Bora Bora, French polynesia- Shaped like a sombrero, this lush volcanic island stars in countless South Pacific fantasies.
3.Palawan, Philippines- Palawan is the Philippines’ answer to paradise.
4. Seychelles- Here you’ll find a really rich fishing ground, great for all you fishermen out there.
5. Santorini, Greece- Here it is absolutely stunning, definitely a great place for photographers and people who love a good view.
6. The Cook Islands- If you ever dreamed of being on a beautiful island this one’s for you.
7. Bali, Indonesia- This is an interesting destination because it’s a volcanic island of Lombok!
8. The Dalmation islands, Croatia- This island has great fishing harbors but if you’re not the fisherman type, there’s also fabulous hotels to stay in.
9. Fiji- This is the ideal island destination for anyone.
10.Kaua’i- Here you can find amazing rainforests, perfect for the hikers, animal lovers, and nature lovers out there.

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