Old Mario To New Mario


Courtesy of www.techagesite.com

Luis Parker, Staff Reporter

In 1981, Mario was created in it’s own platformer by Shigeru Miyamoto. (https://www.lifewire.com) In 2016, Mario is recreated once again in the new app “Super Mario Run” by Nintendo. From 1981 till now, Mario has been with us for awhile which is very impressive for a video game character to last so long, but with the years that have past, is Mario still relevant?

Mario is the main iconic character from Nintendo that everyone knows. Nintendo put him in games like “Super Smash Bros” and “Super Mario 64.” Games like those and many more were played by almost everyone, and they were fan favorites. Even though everyone knows him, people may think he had his time of fame and it is now time for him to retire. Others may see him as the video game character that will stay with us for generations to come.

Not a lot of people may know but there was a TV show dedicated to Mario in 1991, ten years after he was created! It was broadcasted on NBC, and was created by DIC Entertainment, and there was one season. With that show being created, many more shows of Mario were created too. Mario and his brother “Luigi” were the stars in the shows and they acted as plumbers. Both, Mario and Luigi would go through huge green pipes to a cartoon world where they would deal with different conflicts.

Mario isn’t the only iconic character in his series. The villain is “Bowser.” He captures the princess “Peach” which Mario goes to save her. Marios’ companions are “Toad” and “Luigi.” Luigi is Mario’s brother, Luigi has separate games dedicated to him but he’s not as popular. Mario is usually on the covers of the games that feature him, which is probably why he’s so known.

With all his popularity, companies have shirts, shoes, blankets, etc. that are Mario themed. TV shows, videogames, clothing, he left his mark on society. All he has done is very tough to do and Nintendo pulled it off, but can they continue pulling it off?