Staff Stuffs Face

Victoria Purcell, Staff Reporter

The “Original” flavor has become a new norm among snack foods as the world of treats continues to grow. From sour cream and onion, to sugar cookie, chip flavors come in an endless variety of flavors. But how will you know if these flavors actually taste good? We put our staff members to the test, making them eat some of the more obscure flavors of snack foods during our staff meeting.

The two flavors of Pringles were called, “Loaded Baked Potato,” and “Dill Pickle,” while the Poptarts ranged from, “Blue raspberry,” “Pumpkin Pie,” “A&W Root beer,” to “Crush Orange Soda.” Our staff completed a brief survey in order to accurately convey the results. The results are less than surprising.

Based on our findings it seems that “Loaded Baked Potato,” chips were, to put it nicely, revolting. However, seems that a lot of these flavors were personal preference. For instance, as an active despiser of Crush Orange Soda, I found it equally as revolting in pop tart form. Others though, could not even swallow the A&W Root beer flavor. It seems that Blue Raspberry was the winner, which honestly, is not much to brag about.

If you enjoy watching your friends making disgusted faces and then watching them spit out chewed food, by all means I recommend these flavors. However, it seems that the general consensus was that snack foods should stick to what they know. Full disclosure though, I gave these chips to people who didn’t know their flavors and while they did not find it enjoyable, they also managed to eat more than one. But hey, to each their own!