Top Ten Signs “Cuffing Season” is Upon Us

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Top Ten Signs “Cuffing Season” is Upon Us

Charity Guy, Staff Reporter

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Love is in the air, and that means it’s time for cuddling and “cuffing”. Cuffing season is the term used to describe the coupling up of young people that happens after the start of a new school year in late fall heading into winter.

  1. Fall or winter time is beginning (the traditional months of “cuffing season”).
  2. It starts to get cold- instinctively, young people seem to seek out someone to cuddle with when the temperature drops.
  3. Some start to rekindle an old flame and attempt to get a past girlfriend or boyfriend back into their lives for a winter “fling”. 
  4. Football – Fall and Winter are not the only seasons that contribute to cuffing, football season will make you want someone special around to enjoy big games with.
  5. With the Holidays around the corner, ads for presents and decorations start to emerge, encouraging many to exchange gifts in their newfound coupledom.
  6. Many young people seem more connected to their own feelings (of love and like <3).
  7. Notifications from potentials blow up in number.
  8. Those who seem to have nothing in common pair up as a couple.
  9. Netflix is the topic at lunch tables of what’s new to watch at home, in preparation for some “chill” time.
  10. Compliments are given more freely, and often met with warm smiles and blushes.
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