Me Before You Movie Review

credits to

Cassidy Uzdzienski, Skylar Bartlett, Staff Reporters

You must see this movie and when you do you need to bring tissues for all the makeup and snot that is going to run down your face while watching. This was a great film that anyone can watch and enjoy. There were many laugh out loud moments and lots of sad moments that were all well done. The main character Louisa was really relatable and was someone most  could easily walk past on the street and so were the other characters. Everything felt real and wasn’t forced like most movies are nowadays. Nothing about the film was clichéd and it was very refreshing. If you have read the book you will be very pleased with the movie as an adaptation since it is just like the book with a few changes here and there. Although it was really sad at the end of the movie it ended up teaching you lessons about life that are great to know. The cast did a really good job with portraying their characters and none of the acting was cringe-worthy.  Another great part about the film was Louisa’s fashion and after watching the movie it made me question my own tastes. The setting was also really great and the castle was really pretty and just how it was described from the book. Overall, the film was very inspiring and something everyone must see.

Overall score: 10/5 stars