Flexible and easy ways to save/ earn money as a college student

Nina Summers , Associate Editor

There are many flexible and easy ways to save/earn money as a college student!!

Im going to first tell you the ways you could save money. Bring your lunch to school. College campuses are full of places to eat and they all cost more money than brown bagging it. It saves 10-20 dollars a day. Do a whole load of washing even if you do not pay, the cost of soap adds up. Do you pay for your electricity? Unplug anything and everything that is electronic if you don’t need it. Carry your college student ID card! Many local stores and businesses will give you a discount with a student ID card. Buy used books or read them at the local or college library. You don’t need to be wasting valuable college money on things you only read once. Buy out of season! As a college student, clothes are always on your mind. If you know you will need a winter coat, buy it in the summer. Now I’m going to tell you how to earn money while in college. Sell your books. Selling them online will get you more cash than the college bookstore. Sell your unwanted cell phones or electronic equipment! College students seem to want the latest crave. Your old ipods and other devices can be sold on money websites. Be a house sitter. For college students this is a plum job. Put an ad in local papers or find a local agency. Ask your relatives if they know of anyone who needs this service. Take surveys.. Many companies need information and it could be a quick way for you to earn money, its not much money but it adds up.