NAHS Seniors Celebrate Post-Secondary Decisions with Ice Cream Social


Angel Patel, Staff Reporter

May 1st is National Decision Day.  Decision day is when high school seniors make their final choice about where they are going to college.  The Friday before decision day NAHS seniors got to celebrate with the rest of their class.  They got to enjoy the company of their friends while eating an assortment of pretzels, brownies, and cookies.  Seniors also had a choice between Reese’s Pieces and Original Fudge ice cream from Friendly’s.  While eating, students could purchase senior prom tickets and listen to music in the background.  In addition, the seniors got a chance to win gift cards by answering trivia questions based on some of their decisions about college:

  • What is the number one school seniors are going to next year?
  • What characteristics make you a bad roommate?
  • What is the Millersville Mascot?
  • What are 3 Ivy League schools?
  • Where is Washington University located?
  • What is the most popular college major?
  • What is the capital of Kansas?
  • What is one of the Ivy League colleges that President Obama attended?
  • How many pounds does a freshmen gain their first year of college?
  • Who are the current four married couples in NASD?

After a few tries, every question asked was answered correctly.  The teachers announced a dance competition between two friends.  The challenger calls up Khadejah Neal to dance battle her.  As Khadejah was dancing, Devonte Burrell was getting ready to prompose to her.  A sweet surprise for Khadejah at the Decision Day celebration.  Although some thought that the social should have lasted longer, and they were disappointed that they were not called up by school selections, the attending seniors enjoyed the event with their friends.