Elmwood Park Zoo Renovates For Summer 2016

Elmwood Park Zoo Renovates For Summer 2016

Skylar Bartlett, Staff Reporter

zip-the-zoo zoo1 Giraffe_at_Elmwood_Park_Zoo_03

The Elmwood Park Zoo has been doing some exciting new renovations and additions to their exhibits. Now, there will surely be a place for everyone to connect with their wild side. If visitors are into tall, long necked animals, then it will be good new to hear that the old Giraffe enclosure is being expanded and more enjoyable as it will now feature zebras! According to the zoo’s website, the yard will be expanded, and an indoor enclosure for the animals will be built. Many other animals are getting a new home this season. The original red fox exhibit has been removed, and is being relocated to the space in between the new giraffe and zebra yard and the wolf exhibit, says the zoo’s website.  And remember those cute ponies always ready to give a ride? Well, they’re getting an upgraded home so there will be no more fearing the steep hill. As stated by the zoo’s website, the yard for pony rides is relocating to the woodchip area next to the pond housing the turtles and capybaras.

Not a giraffe, zebra, panda, or horse-riding kind of person? Well now the Majestic Predator, which may feature jaguars, exhibit is under construction where the ponies used to live. According to the zoo’s website, expansion will continue through future years. Currently the recently built Treetop Adventures courses are undergoing major renovations in preparation for this coming summer. Even, the Tomas Kimmel Conservation Kingdom playground is being overhauled in preparation. Sounds like it’s going to be an eventful, adventurous, and awesome summer this year at the Elmwood Park Zoo!

The Elmwood Park Zoo is always looking for donations and volunteers. For more information on how to help, attractions to visit, and construction updates. Visit the zoo’s website at www.elmwoodparkzoo.org