10 Day Film Festival

Sabria Alston, Staff Reporter


 The 10 day film challenge is a fierce challenge in which students from around the nation create an original three to four minute film in only 10 days. On their first day students will have to choose their character, prop, line of dialogue, and genre that’ll be included in their short film. The best films of each state will be shown at a local theater or as an online award on the 10 day film challenge website. The competition was created to test students imaginative, creativity, and analytical abilities while improving their digital knowledge. Around 3,000 students in America have been selected and positively impacted to become our future filmmakers. The 10 day film challenge was designed to challenge students to use their capabilities of creating a quality film within a short period of time. This year, starting on March 7th, the film festival submissions were created in Mr. Doyle’s room and ended on March 18th. Students were allowed to make their film during their time that they have in their film classes only.

Norristown wishes to congratulate the two students who were selected to be in this year’s film festival; Brianna Kelly with her “Beyond The Wall” submission which landed in 10th place out of 125 and Dylan Ashcraft  with his “Horizon” submission who landed in the top 30 of 125 films in PA. These students put up a tremendous amount of effort and responsibility to be selected for this year’s film challenge. Norristown also wants to congratulate these students who went above and beyond with their effort in this year’s film challenge. The additional students who were apart of the ten day film challenge are: Cameron Davenport, Ariele Leo, John Maxey, Simeon McCray, James Perkins, Angelica Pipitone, Cameron Sharpe, and Evelyn Soto.