One Senior Offers Some Sage Advice on the College Search

Shirell Harrison, Staff Reporter

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As a senior reflecting on my high school career, I realized I made many mistakes. Every year is important (contrary to belief), but junior year is the most important of your high school career. Luckily, it can be very simple if you plan correctly.

First step is the SAT/ACT testing. Nationally the SAT is found to be more important, so I’d focus on that first, but the ACT is relatively similar. Juniors and below are lucky because the test has been revised to be a bit easier. It’s stressful, but it is truly not that bad. Anxiety is probably the worst part of the test.

After scores come back, it’s time to get ideas about where you want to go. First, you need to consider your financial situation. Pennsylvania State schools get a bad reputation, but they’re just undergraduate. You’ll have to pay much more for graduate schools, so you might as well owe as least as possible. I, myself, was totally against state schools, but when I did my research, I found my major was ranked just as high at this particular state school as it is at Drexel University. The difference is almost 30,000 dollars.

Naviance lets you search according to major, GPA, SAT scores, and overall cost. Along with Naviance, Norristown students are lucky enough to have Mrs. Wiegand at their disposal. She’ll tell you very honestly what is in your best interest. Without Mrs. Wiegand, I’d be completely lost and stressed. From help to narrowing down your search, helping with essays, guiding you threw the FASFA and setting up instant decision days, she makes it as easy as possible. Counselors provide many services as well, like suggesting who to go to for recommendation letters. Norristown is honestly very helpful through the entire process. Asking former seniors are also a great resource. I got advice from many on what to do and who to go to.

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